Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tall Horse - Tiny Person

"Hi there....the name's Dahlia...and, um.....I'm on a horse. And,'s a pretty big horse.
And I'm even waving (ever so demurely) with one hand."
" Oh yes, that's me up here.......all by myself. Yep......just me and
my horse."
"Oooo......what's that over there?"
"Yup...look at me Mom, I'm doin' it !"

" it just me, or is the other tiny pony horse - ummm, smaller than mine?
Well, I'm just sayin."

"Gee, I think Mom caught me with my finger in my nose (if you click on the bunch of pictures below you might see it - hehe)"
"OK, I admit I'm feeling kinda proud of myself."

"Mom keeps telling me I'm a terrific kid.
Maybe she's right!"

"And now for some more cute stuff - check out the furry friends we found."

"Mom and Dad took me here to this horse farm with a whole bunch of other families like us. We had hot dogs - yum and they had bunnies and stuff too. We even got to scoop poop (horse) and went on a wagon ride through the meadow and everything. I wish we lived on a farm."

"I wanted to take this one home, but my Mom said no. Zizi wouldn't like that much."

"Are you sure, Mom? I'm using my prettiest eyes"
"Oh look, a baby racoon having his bottle (or bauble as I used to say it). Are you sure we can't have this one, Mom?"

Mom is sure!


Leslie said...

awww my abby would be soo jealous!!!! GREAT pics of such pretty children and cute animals!

Our family said...

It looks as though you had a wonderful day! WOW! Dahlia rode a HUGE horse! And she looked like a confidant natural! C'mon Mom! The baby raccoon is just way too cute!!!!!! I want to visit! LOL

Have a beautiful day!

Wanda said...

I know, I'm such a meanie!

(And for us locals - we were at the Delle Donne Stables in St-Lazare with the AFQ group for Family Day. Great place, great group.)

Mahmee said...

What a fun day that seems to have been! Dahlia looks great on that horse. R wanted to name those bunnies in the pic. She calls the white one, "Easter White Bunny".
Have a good week!

a Tonggu Momma said...

It's goof to know that a finger in the nose is mandatory not only for *ahem* dance recitals, but also for horse riding. I shall endeavor to remind the Tongginator the next time we visit a horse farm.

Anonymous said...

"Are you sure mom? I'm using my prettiest eyes!"

Boy do I know that look. Good to know it may be possible to resist it in a few years!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of Milana!