Monday, July 27, 2009

Travel Approval........YES!

TA's (China travel approval) have arrived. Looks like we leave - Fri.- August 7th.

This whole process has been one huge challenge, pain in the butt, learning curve. On my first trip to China to meet DD#1, Dahlia, I went a few days early, with some dear friends who were also adopting. We arrived in Shanghai and I vowed I would return with Danny the next time.
What a city!!!
But, as plans go, things change. Our agency has strongly suggested we stick with the group and we're not flying into Shanghai at all. (Even though Milana's province, Zhejiang, is within spitting distance.) So, we'll fly into Beijing (less chances for mix-ups in case we are quarantined (please God, no!......please.) Then out to Zhejiang, flying right over Shanghai, for a week to meet our Milana. Then back to Beijing for a week. I'll post an itinerary soon.
I'm very grateful to finally to be one step closer to bringing Milana home.
I am however, kinda bummed about a few other little details (to be perfectly frank). Our tickets are outrageous. It seems the 3 weeks of absolute prime ticket prices are last 2 weeks of Aug, first week of Sept. (due to students beginning their year). Thus, our tickets are about 50% more than they should be. And there's more - after waiting for almost 4 years with our dear friends whom we have shared this whole crazy parenting thing with - these same people who are the parents to our Dahlia's BF and our kiddies being from the same orphanage and were BF's since almost birth - we are being separated. Our second kiddies are from different provinces. It may seem like no biggy but we shared our first "gotcha moment" - dreamed of repeating it for our second daughters. The bond between our first daughters is amazingly strong - we longed for the same for our second. It meant a lot to us. But worse, we aren't even coming home together. Because tickets were so hard to acquire - our agency has split us up by provinces and our group has to WAIT a day later to return home. I'll adjust.....I need a few hours..........this is fresh and I just dumped it.......and I don't feel any better......yet. Thank you.

However, I am so happy we will be back in time to have a little rest before Dahlia begins Grade1. I dreaded returning back and having her miss the first few days/weeks of such an important step in her life. I'm really happy we'll be back in time.

And.......I'm very, very happy we will soon see our sweet little daughter - face to face.


Leslie said...

IM sooooo happy for you...IT seems like yesterday we were bringing abby home!!!!!

Jodee Leader said...

Whooo hooo! You must be thrilled! I can't wait to follow your journey!

Maya's Mommy said...

Finally! I am so happy that you have a date and can't wait to follow along. I've sort of been out of touch with everyone since we've been home but I definitely want to see how your trip goes. Will you create an alternate blog to use while you are there?

Lori from Manitoba

Jill said...

WooHoo! TA!!!!!!
I cannot wait to follow your journey to daughter #2 in China!
Sorry things are not working out like you would have liked. That truly sucks!!
Keep your chin up girl, and your eye on the prize!!
Hugs, Jill

3D said...

I am so happy that you are off but sorry that your heart is feeling disappointment. I hope it passes soon.

Keep smilin!

the greek chinese connection said...

Oh my sweet friend, I feel the same. Separating will be so difficult for all of us , especially our girls. This whole journey has been a such a rocky ride. At least we have Beijing together!!!

Keep the faith...God is good.



Susie and Gordie said...

At last, Milana WILL come home! That is such great news! Despite what FUF said, we went to Shanghai for 4 days prior to the group and we rented cellphones for them to contact us should something change and we had our computer and we had my mother. So they really would have had to try hard to miss us! So glad that you get home before school starts for Dahlia. That is definitely a plus. Can't wait to hear more!

Julie said...

Congrats on TA!!! Whoohoo!!

We left for China early and stayed an extra day and we bought our own plane tickets. The agency tried to scare us saying if we wern't there on time ... blah blah blah but in the end all went perfectly and we saved a ton of money on the tickets. They don't like it when you want to do things your own way but every family has to do what is right for them.



Amy said...

Hang in there W! it will all work out for the better good!! Can't wait to follow along w/you guys! God Speed! Love Amy

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, that's really just days away...and after all that this journey has taken, and to finally be at this point, I am joyful you have travel but saddened that you will be unable to share it with your special friends.

Maybe there is still a way....I'm a firm believer that ANYTHING can happen within the scope of these miracle babies!!

Smiling big here for this special news....Yay!!
Hugs Lisa

DawnS said...

I am so very happy to hear that things are moving along and so truly sorry that they are not going quite right :) I do know this though, adoption and the whole experience is an amazing bonding experience and just maybe you will connect with another family during your trip that will also have a special bond with Milana, so I am hoping you will gain another wonderful family to join your circle of friends. Once Milana is in your arms and you receive your first snuggle - or heck your first smile even everything will be just right. Sending big hugs your way!

Our family said...

Whooohoooooo on receiving your TA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is WONDERFUL news! Soon Milana will be smiling at your IN PERSON! I couldn't be happier for you....

Big hugs regarding not being together as you all have planned and waited for. That is very sad news...

psychohist said...

Is that week in Beijing available for sightseeing? I recommend setting aside a couple days for the Forbidden City and taking a day to go to the Summer Palace. Hm, Beijing in August ... definitely the Summer Palace, you'll need some time next to water as a break from the dust!

J-P Lesperance said...

WeeHeee! And, I'm sorry that things are different than what you expected. The girls will bond once you are home anyway....will they have a choice with the other two girls always together? :-)

So wonderful to have a date and some concrete plans and Danny is going. Oh Wanda, it's finally all coming together.