Saturday, June 13, 2009

A tough puzzle....but persistance paid off.

This puzzle moves - and almost moved me to tears. It's a magic motion puzzle - only 100 pieces, so for this morning's Mommy and Dahlia playtime, I thought this one would be a piece of cake. We've worked on 500 pieces before - Dahlia is quite a whiz with puzzles, Mommy just limps along in her shadow.
So, after breakfast today we did 2 easy ones and then chose this new one to finish off. Looks easy, no? Nuh-uh. Check the picture above. There are 2 images - you can see the 2 quite distinctly below.

It took every bit of resolve to keep at it and the only reason I did was because Dahlia so wanted to quit. She was watching me and fidgeting and so not into it because, have I mentioned this before, it was really, really hard. And it's marked 5+ on the box. Dahlia is 6 and I'm + :)

So we plugged on, and it occured to me more than once that this puzzle may sit on the table, unfinished, forever but we kept at it. Once it was about 2/3's done, Dahlia picked up some interest and the challenge was on.
...............voila! Done, fini, over.
(anybody want a puzzle........really fact, free.
Umm.....actually, I'll pay you.)


Buckeroomama said...


Well done for keeping on and helping her through the puzzle. Sometimes when J gets stuck, he doesn't want to continue, but lately, he's been chanting softly to himself, "I know I can do it, I know I can do it..." and then when he finally gets it, he's so proud of himself. :)

Our family said...

You are a hoot!!!!! Free:))) hehe

Way to go girls! So happy to see the end product! Your persistance did indeed pay off! What a beautiful puzzle!!!!

Now that it is completed, perhaps this is one you could mount onto something?:)

Thanks for sharing! I will show M-G as she LOVES Tinkerbell and the fairies!

Felicia said...

Way to go! Your efforts paid off!

Have a blessed Sunday!