Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fashion Friday

A study in grey
I bought this little number 2 years ago for pre-school and it still fits (ok, the skirt may be a little short - but they're shorter this year anyway, so there!) Well, we're still having coolish weather (isn't it summer? Oh wait, not officially yet, right?) so Dahlia dug this out. And I said - why not!
Forgive me, but I had to include a close-up 'cause she's so darn cute :)

...and I love the way she's crossing her legs (her all bruised up legs) like a little lady.

....and Zizi happened along and needed a hug. (Good prop - we've been, not really - just kidding.)

And guess what we did this week? Learnt how to hoola hoop (is that how we spell it?). At first she could only go around maybe once (or less) but she kept at it and voila - she can keep that thing up for at least 10 seconds or more. Oh, and she can do cart wheels now too. She's really getting the 'practice makes perfect' thing down. (Ahem, not that I say that very much.)
(click on pictures to enlarge)
Hoola anyone?
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Have a beautiful week-end!!


ellie said...

Dahlia is such a little model! I love the way she is posing for you.

That is great that she understands the value of working hard at something - and I think hoola hooping is hard! (or is it just me?!)

Our family said...

Way to go Dahlia!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoola-hooping can be tricky!!!! Great job!

And what can I say, always such lovely pictures.... And I love the one with your two 'babies' in!

Enjoy the weekend!!!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my goodness.....she is just adorable!! I love the outfit....and Zizi just happened to match perfectly:)

Hooray for learning to hula hoop.....that brings back many childhood memories!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Buckeroomama said...

She's looking so stylish. As usual!

I have a couple of awards for you at my blog; do come by and pick them up. :)

M3 said...

Cute!!! Love the color-coordinated kitty, too. :-)

Mahmee said...

Yep, she sure is so darn cute! And so is that lovely feline....and those dance recital pics. Good grief, you have cuteness overload!
Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Dahlia's always a charming little lady! It was nice of Zizi to dress to match today.

Donna said...

I love the color and Kitty makes the perfect accessory! :)

Our blog: Double Happiness!

DawnS said...

The kitty totally looks like she has been practicing! I have to know - do you buy her clothes to match the decor of your house - because everything always matches so perfectly :)

Love the hula hoop pictures, especially the one with her tongue hanging out from exhaustion - lol!! (as would mine be!)

I'm trying out goggle chrome for my browser - really great (and quick) for pulling up blogs, not great for editing your own but at least everyones blogs are staying up so far!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Wanda said...


You made me smile. Do I buy her clothes to match the decor of my house? Hhmmm......yes and no. It's not that intentional but I do buy everything in my favourite colors and tend to pass over colors that don't appeal to me as much.

I'm a real black person (ok, that's not what I meant) - I put black with almost everything. And I love black and white, silver, grey, and any and all shades of pink and green too. I guess I just stay away from yellow and orange and I don't really know why.

So, yes Dahlia does match my house and so do I. We're just a happy matchy family. (Hey, even Dan is obliging with his, use to be black, now is a lovely shade of black with silver hair. Good of him, no? :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

You know, we bought our bedroom comforter to match our cat (because of the shedding), so I'm wondering if you chose the decor to match the cat or the cat to match the decor. Heh.

Love the hula hoop photos... especially the one where she looks so exhausted, she might drop.

Wanda said...


Well......truth be told again (this feels like true confessions here) we did chose a grey cat because of our grey carpeting. We've had other colored cats and dogs before (mind you - all in the black, white and grey family) but I know from experience that grey doesn't show on grey. And since I just LOVE to clean, I thought I'd make my life a little easier. ;)

The other reason we picked this little cutie was she was so darned cute. And soft - she has fur like a bunny - you should feel her -it's quite divine.

So that's it. The cat's out of the bag.