Friday, June 26, 2009

TODAY!!!!!!!!! the day we will see Milana's face.
We will be at our agency's door at 3 PM today. Depending on traffic and my state of ecstasy - I will post as soon as I get back.
Fa la la la laaa la la la la.


Our family said...

Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am BEYOND over the moon for you! ALLELUIA! I think I just heard angels singing!!!!!

I can imagine you seeing her pics for the first time. What an incredible moment that is. Enjoy the delivery room!!!!!!Drink it all in Wanda!!!!! I am sure that you will!:)))

Much love!


Jill said...

can't wait to see her sweet face!

3D said...

ABOUT TIME!! Leave early so that no traffic can slow you down! Breathe deeply and take pictures/video! Can not wait to see her beautiful face!

Keep smilin!

June said...

Hi Wanda,
Milana does resemble Dahlia quite a bit!
Congratulations to you all, on Dalia's mei mei and also on graduation!
I showed our Mary your referral photo and explained who she was and Mary looked and said, "Milana!", and then went back to coloring and trying to grab the mouse away from me : )

Hope you travel soon! The self portrait is the best!