Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dahlia's Story..........

Day 3 with Dahlia - Nov 10, 2004
This little caterpillar was her very first toy. Her cheeks are a bit pinkish in this picture. Could be from all the munching on them. :-o
The first time she opened her mouth wide I was shocked to see all those teeth. Even though she was 20 months on gotcha day, she still was so babyish (the quantity of hair may have influenced that perception slightly.)

Here's my 2nd e-mail home with more glowing reports of our new little love.

Subject: Ahhhh......Dahlia!!!!! Update
November 10, 2004

Hi everyone. Just schlooged through all your e-mail responses to my
last posting. Wow.......I feel so lucky to have so many who care and
are with me (read us) in this journey!!!! can I put this succinctly. Dahlia is an utter joy!
She loves to eat (yes....this is in order of importance!!) she loves to
play, she loves her mama, she sleeps pretty good when she gets really
pooped, she has had 4 poops now (wow). I can't quite believe how we
lucked out. SHE'S SO GOOD!!!! She can sit and amuse herself (Hello) yet
she plays well with me and all the other kids ( I didn't mean to put
that in the same sentence......ok, maybe I did!!)

But the best is - yesterday she looked me in the eyes and said her first word
"MAMA". Can you believe it!!!!!! Already!!!! Then I said "chin chin"
(Chinese for kiss) and she leaned forward with her mouth open and
kissed me real sloppy. Wow!!!!!!!! I cried.

I could go on and on but the truth is she taking her nap (Helen is
watching her) and I'm so tired I could use one too. Every muscle in my body
aches. Oh,we all have colds which adds to the fun!!!!

This is for the Formons group. Everyone in the group are doing really well.
Karen N is having an easy time with Abby. She is so quiet and delicate
and is crazy about her Mom and sister. Kisses and hugs all the time.
Helen and Angelo are totally devoted to Angel - can't get enough of
her. The 3 day adjustment period has gone so well we're almost holding
our breaths for fear the spell will be broken. Really the kids are
adjusting great. We're all so happy (albeit really really tired).Can't
wait for you all to meet them!!!

The Zhuzhou orphanage is so great. They were so clean and dressed so
pretty - they even gave 'us' gift baskets!!! What's that!!?? We are so blessed!!!!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and good wishes. Talk to you soon.

Hugs to all,

Wanda (Mama)

And now, almost 5 years later, I still have to pinch myself.

This little girl is mine!

And I am her mama.


Buckeroomama said...

Aw, that's so sweet. :) Yes, sometimes we do have to pinch ourselves at how blessed we are with our little ones.

Have a great Sunday!

ellie said...

I love reading your story . . . you must be getting so excited to meet Milana!!!

I have to pinch myself every day also - I love my China girl :)

Leslie said...

scary how fast that time flew by!!! SAD ;o(

the greek chinese connection said...

You really brought me back...I can't stop crying(no big news). They were so little and we were in aaahhhh of them and still are today. I will never forget Dahlia walking in first that day. What we share me and you is so precious!!!

I love them
I love you &
I love us....the pink connection forever and ever and always

Our family said...

I love reading your posts down memory lane. How incredible it is to think of all we have been given. Love... It takes my breath away.

Thanks for sharing. I always love your writing as you have a gift of taking the reader to the place and time and of course there is your charming humour! Simply heartwarming!

Take care!

DawnS said...

I feel the same way too - I have no idea how come we are so lucky! An amazing, amazing gift!!!