Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesdays......Around the World!

Flowers and ballet 077 wm

The other day, I caught Dahlia in a very impromptu moment dancing away in our family room. Her CD player was playing the beautiful music from Swan Lake as she flitted around the floor.

Flowers and ballet 126wm
Flowers and ballet 123 wm
Dahlia has been taking ballet lessons for 6 years now and I think she enjoys the time spent there with her BFF, Angel more than she does the dancing.

Flowers and ballet 132 wmFlowers and ballet 092 wm

Flowers and ballet 057 wm
But every so often she becomes inspired and will perform little recitals for us as we scramble for the camera and video camera.

Flowers and ballet 086 wmFlowers and ballet 118 wm
She is even teaching little Milana some steps and we may just be able to coax her into starting dance in September this year. Last year met with wails and cling-on behavior so we opted to wait the year out. But Milana now wants to copy everything big sis is doing so dance we all will.
Flowers and ballet 126 crop wm

Live, Love, Travel

Next time I'll try and capture both girls twirling about. Funny how I can still just stare at them for hours. I suppose that may never end.

Nice way to spend the time!

Flowers and ballet 060 wm

Join the fun as we peak into some other spot this
.....Around the World.


tinajo said...

She´s beautiful, you´ve captured her well! :-)

Jaymi said...

oh wow these shots are so sweet!!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

So beautifully captured Wanda!!

Mimi said...

Stunning! I think the first is my favorite =)

Our family said...

Ooooh such an angel

Raymonde said...

Hello Wanda, I had not visited for a while :( I am glad I did today, she looks beautiful and so graceful.

Have a great Easter. :)

Mama Hen said...

My dear bloggy friend, I have slacked off in the commenting area, but I am here. I want to wish you and your beautiful family a Happy Easter! The pictures of Dahlia dancing are precious! These are the moments you will look back on with such happiness! I hope you are well! Have a great weekend!

Mama Hen

This Mom said...

Those are gorgeous photos! This was my first time on your blog and my initial reaction was "Wow! Those shots look so professional!" Which, of course, they are!

Kate @ This Mom Loves