Friday, April 13, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday

Easter 2012 home 075 wm
Easter 2012

Easter 2012 home 021 wm

Every year - anything else other than chocolate and Easter eggs takes second stage around here. Dahlia especially cannot get enough of that dark brown heavenly stuff.
Easter 2012 home 045 wm
We have our annual Easter egg decorating party at our best buddie's house and proudly display our artistic endeavors.Easter 2012 home 065 wm
And Dahlia still runs in and jumps on our bed in the morning, screeching "the Easter bunny came, the Easter bunny came!!" (She clearly peeked downstairs to garner that information.)
Easter 2012 home 057wm

And then she and her side-kick sister leap around the house, gathering all the chocolate treats the 'Easter bunny' sleepily hid the night before.

Amazingly, she still isn't on to me. And I'm in no hurry to end this illusion. So much more fun like this.
Easter 2012 home 023wm

Milana clearly does not have the speed that her older sister has but I watched with a fair bit of pride as Dahlia shared some her abundant booty with her.
Easter 2012 home 034 wm
And if you only knew just how much that girl LOVVVVES her chocolate the significance of that gesture would blow you away!

Easter 2012 home 038 wm
However.....I said all that to say this. For the first time, Dahlia really wanted to hear the real story of Easter....not the eggs and the chocolate but "why did they kill Jesus on the the cross?" and "where did he really go?' and "what is passover again?".

Good questions - questions that make Mommy think, in simple terms, what our faith really means.....what we really do believe in....and why!

the long road

(for all you photog buffs....check out Lisa's blog for her latest camera........drool........)
Easter 2012 home 070 wm
Hope everyone had a beautiful Easter....

....and lots of chocolate!


Sharon said...

Two cutest bunnies ever, and those are some seriously blinged out eggs! Gorgeous!

Gail said...

You captured your Easter morning so beautifully, Wanda!! Love your pretty eggs and those beautiful smiles. I think it's precious how Dahlia jumps on your bed to tell you that the bunny has arrived...

Gosh your girls have grown!

Have a great weekend!!

xoxo Gail

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Those are the most exquisite eggs I have ever seen in my life....but I am not surprised my artist friend:))

It looks like you had a fabulous Easter and the girls enjoyed every minute of it. I miss you my friend. Hope we can catch up one of these days soon!