Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - Just Joy!

Good Friday girls 039 blog

Ever noticed how the squeals ....of delight from two little girls make an already great day

the greatest!

Good Friday girls 327 blog

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Good Friday girls 054 blog

Good Friday girls 101 blog

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So, though Easter is all about color, here is a little taste of some shots during a little photoshoot that I'll post more of next week. That is if I can narrow down the 357 I took.

Carrefour Dahlia 246-2 blog

Carrefour Dahlia 246 blog

Carrefour Dahlia 018 blog

Carrefour Dahlia 018-2 blog More of these to come.

Meanwhile - back to all that Easter color!

Good Friday girls 019 blog
These little pink jackets are being worn for the first time. I bought them in China - when we picked up Milana in August 2009 and both jackets just swam on the girls. They're still a little big but we had to wear them.

Good Friday girls 127 blog

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Enjoy visiting Lisa's site and all the wonderful pictures being shared.

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And we hope everyone's Easter was colorful - full of giggles and good times and wonderful memories.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter egg hunt 094

Easter Bunny.

Easter egg hunt 065 blog

Yeah.....the bunny definitely made it to our house.

Collages2 blog

Long live the magic of the egg hunt. I don't remember when I lost "the faith" but I'm glad 8 year old Dahlia is still into it. 'Cause it pleases her Mom to no end.

(Have I mentioned before how I'm reliving my childhood? Or is it "living" it?


LR PS edit5 blog

And little Milana is all over this Easter egg hunt "thing". She definitely rises to the challenge of a good competition with sissy. And throw in the bonus of chocolate.....well........ done deal!

LR PS edit6 blog

Of course, Dahia is the expert at moving quick as a fox, probably having sleuthed out her dashing route in her dreams the night before. She by far got the larger share of the loot and no doubt will dip into Milanas when she's not looking too.

The girl "llouuuuurvvves" her chocolate!!!

Be back on Wednesday with some pretty little dresses on my two cuties.

Enjoy all the Communal Global entries this week!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black and White Wednesday.......almost Easter.......

Flowers 004-2 blog

We are in Easter prep mode here. Every morning Dahlia reminds me that the Easter bunny is coming "soooooonnnnnnnnn Mommy"! In fact - she was in my face this morning at 6 something, counting down the days.

(I'm trying to remind her the real reason behind Easter, without bursting her bubble, but she's got a one-track mind when it comes to chocolate.)

the long road

Check out Lisa's post for those adorable kiddos at the park. Ceeeeeute!

Flowers 015 blog

But, it is Easter week and we have lots of plans. Decorating Easter eggs with our buddies (an annual must) some photo ops of course, dinner with great friends, Easter egg hunts and some time in church - remembering and celebrating the real reason.

Nothin special 051-2 blog

Nothin special 086-2 blog

Flowers 010 blog

Wishing everyone a beautiful Easter!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Cabane a Sucre 133-2 blog

About a week ago we ventured out on our annual 'winter swan song' where we usher in spring with a massive 'sugar high'!!!

I have many more pictures from our day and depending on how fast I can whip dinner up tonight, I may have time to add them before "Dancing with the stars" starts. We shall see.

LR PS edit3 blog

And...ahem.....speaking of dancing - THIS is Milana "gettin down"! We were just taking a little break from standing in line waiting for the go-carts to free up. Just sitting on a bench - people watching. Suddenly, Milana jumps up and starts to boogy. We were next to a speaker and Jailhouse rock was playing. She had quite a crowd watching by the time she tired of her little Elaine (from Steinfelt) impersonation.

Cabane a Sucre 083 blog

Cabane a Sucre 024 blog Cabane a Sucre 113 blog Cabane a Sucre 149 blog Cabane a Sucre 134 blog

We go at least once every spring and this year we choose a different place. Only about a 20 minute drive from here and we were expecting about the same kind of experience. A few hundred people, some farm animals, the requisite syrup in the snow fest, the pig out, of course and maybe a sleigh ride.

We weren't ready for this place. We had to park about a mile from the main area and take a shuttle bus (some with wheels, some with horses). It took about a half hour just to get in. Another half hour to wait in line and finally we were able to sit down. Hoards of people everywhere. Lots of rides, train rides through the woods, horse rides, animals and lots more. When we left we asked how many people come through in a day. Answer: 13,000 people on that day. (WHAT??) Did I mention this was a sugar shack, not Disney.

LR PS edit4 blog

Dahlia and her bff, Angel.

Cabane a Sucre 059 blog

Cabane a Sucre 148 blog

Cabane a Sucre 077 blog Cabane a Sucre 079 blog

While we were taking the train ride through the maple tree woods, we heard some hooping and hollering. We were being ambushed by some wild cowgirls, swinging their pistols. That added some excitment to the train ride for the kiddies.

Cabane a Sucre 097 blog Cabane a Sucre 092 blog

Just a slice of life here in Montreal. For a daily taste of how the rest of the world turns, click on the button everyday.

And link up for a virtual trip around the world TODAY!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - Good bye're otta here!!!

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 072-2 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 189 blog

Two week-ends ago we still had snow. Just the dirty stuff and the ground was still frozen. But the sun held so much promise - we ventured out to our favorite park, late Sunday afternoon.

(The last time we were there was last November with our "Darling" friends.)

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 075-2 blog

It was late in the day so the sun was low and lovely.

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 097-2 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 112 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 126 blog

"hello wee one.....whatcha looking at?"

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 127-2 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 117-3 blog dyp Centre de la Nature - early Spring 117-2 blog dyp

I couldn't decide between a hard clarity or a soft one so I included them both. My natural bent is to go high contrast, full clarity but I'm kind of liking the softness.

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 158 blog

There's never a doubt about how I feel about these two munchkins though.

(Is it wrong to want to nibble on your children?)

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 143 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 115-4 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 141-2 blog

Now see (below) these 2 people running down the path?

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 068 blog

Here's a close look.

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 068-2 blog

Any bets on who won the race? (I love that I caught them in the air.)

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 064 blog

the long road

For some fantastic images and photographers, hop over to Lisa's and enjoy!

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 095 blog

So, as we were heading back to the parking a vechicle was driving down the path and Milana was quite determined to stay in her puddle in the middle of that path. Till Daddy scooped her and ended that decision quickly.

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 182 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 181 blog

"Give it up kid - the party's over."

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 031-2 blog It's amazing to me how quickly the seasons change. We went from freezing temps to above 70 in a day. And I have a whopping cold to prove it.

But, I'll just think about all those lovely little sprouts, sticking their little heads out of the earth in the garden and rejoice.

Spring really has arrived!!!