Friday, October 7, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

REMAX #1b & & 415 wm
(a little pre-Halloween dress rehearsal with the girlies)

Hi!!! After 3 long weeks away, I'm baaaacckkkk!

Actually I wasn't away at all. Just away from my blog and not visiting around blogland. When I said I would be hitting the road running in September, I was wrong. My feet didn't even touch the road.

I'm not complaining, I'm grateful but....whew.....I'm kinda pooped. September was just a flurry of photo shoots that I hardly had time to even capture a few moments of my favourite subjects models.

But it was a rainy day last Sunday and we were messing around with some backdrops and fans and lights and....well.....the moment was just screaming for some dress-up!

And what's a mama to do?

REMAX #1b & & 390 wm

I filled a whole 8mg card with all the frolicking. We had scarves out of every color imaginable, hats and boas and tutus and everything we could find.

It's so much fun being a girl.

REMAX #1b & & 423 wm

And being the Mama of these two girly girls.

I am going to try and pace myself a little better and blog a bit more (a bit? about some!) and get around to some favourite sites to say hello.

Pop over to Lisa's for a wonderful variety of Friday photos.

Have a great week-end!



Erika B said...

Absolutely gorgeous little models you have!

Erika B

Gail said...

Delighted to see you back, I've missed you!! These are fabulous Wanda!!! Can't wait to see more.

Have a wonderful weekend...

xoxo Gail

Kayce said...

Your girls are so cute and yes being a girl and having girls is the best! :) Have a wonderful weekend Wanda!

Wanda said... feels so good to be back!!

Love Letters To China said...

These are beautiful Wanda! Milana looks as if she's grown so much in a short amount of time. So glad to see you back.



Jboo said...

Great photos of your sweet girls!

Have a super weekend!


Chic Homeschool Mama said...

They just make me smile- I would fill my card too- they must be so much fun to capture!

Buckeroomama said...

The girls seem to have grown quite a bit --especially Milana!

Sounds like you and the girls had a super great time during the shoot. So glad to hear that you are doing tremendously well! :)

Marla said...

Wowsa, they are getting so big, Wanda! They look like angels in white and are SO sweet together. Love that last one especially.

Congrats on being so busy, you are becoming quite the in-demand photographer!! :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

They look beautiful as ever Wanda....and yes, they are getting so big and grown up looking...sigh~

I love their costumes. I have the girls hidden away.... if it were up to them they would play in them every day and by Halloween they would be a wreck.

Hope you are finding a little "me" time.... I know you are ever so busy these days......So happy for you!!