Thursday, September 15, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

PhSho Angel's B-day Sept wm#2

One look at these two "beauties" and we know we're in trouble. It was Dahlia's bff's 8th birthday recently and she rocked it out with 7 of her little friends to the theme of "Rock Star Photo shoot Party".

These two have been together almost since birth. They came from the same SWI in China and as close as sisters ever since.

But when I look at this picture - I almost shudder. How can 8 year olds look so mature? Ok...they're wearing a little glam make-up but still........where did the babies go?

the long road

This is a new weekly photo challenge that Lisa has started so if you click on the button you can join in the fun of a more casual glimpse into favorite weekly photos from other blogs.

My work pace has recently picked up so this "quickie"
post is perfect timing.

Have a perfectly wonderful week-end!


Dita said... what have you done wtih Dahlia and Angel? Where are they? Why are their big sisters here? I didn't realize they had such big sisters....where are those little innocent babies and WHOA.......tell them to SLOW DOWN!

These little chickadees are just too cute for words!


Love Letters To China said...

OMG... It's frightening how these 8 yr olds look so grown up. I feel the exact same way when I look at my girl. Way too fast for this mama.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend Wanda!


Anonymous said...

Such a cute photo. They look so grown.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

BEAUTIFUL! Just look at them- I can hardly believe she is 8!!! My youngest is 8 too!

Marla said...

Amazing how quickly they grow, isn't it? It's actually down right scary!!

But what pretty girls, I'm sure they had a blast being rock stars!! Have a great weekend, Wanda!

redmaryjanes said...

Glam Girls!!

Lisa said...

So wonderful to stop by and feel like I'm staying for a bit to "chat" with ya ~ I've missed you!

AND then I see D and her gal pal looking all kinds of crazy grown up??? How? When? Has it truly been that long since I peeked in??

LOL They look gorgeous ~ what a great birthday theme!!!

Glad all is well and it sounds like your work is beyond successful...couldn't be happier for ya!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH GOSH, it is a little scary how grown up our babies can look with a little makeup and a glam outfit!!

Beautiful photo of the girls!!

Happy Weekend my friend~



Our family said...

OOOOHHHHHHHH where is the time going?!!!!!! Let's freeze them all in time!!! :) Kevin always teases Victoria that he can reset the years:))) I wish!!!!