Monday, March 28, 2011

TODAY.... just an ordinary day, chez nous.

Daphne b-day 092

(Yes, those are fairy almost constant accessory since the newest Barbie movie came out....what's it called?...Barbie and the fairy secret or something.)

Dahlia's been on this experimental kick lately and is fascinated with snow. In all it's forms. So, she's been collecting it in these little heart containers and freezing them, or watching them melt and timing them and making a mess I caught this little scene the other day.

Daphne b-day 086

And here is the mad scientist with her ever present side-kick.

Daphne b-day 088 Daphne b-day 093 Daphne b-day 094 Daphne b-day 095 Daphne b-day 096 Daphne b-day 097 Daphne b-day 098

Mission accomplished.

(Wonder how long those hearts will take to freeze up solid?)

Daphne b-day 099

"Let's drag our paraphernalia up to the next project."

Daphne b-day 100

"Bunny? Check. Kitty? Check

Little side-kick sister? Check!"

Daphne b-day 101

"Good-bye Mother. We've places to go and things to do!"

(" class, drama lessons or... budding bag lady?")


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

bless their sweet little hearts!


Love Letters To China said...

So adorable! We have that video here too. Watched it for the first time yesterday with my sick little one. She's already asking for the Barbie that changes into a fairy (like she doesn't already have half a dozen of those...) and the next video that will be coming out in the fall. Gotta hand it to Barbie...they certainly know how to market their products well. :-)

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh! This is too cute Wanda! I absolutely LOVE it : ) I love her little mischevous smile! Like she knows she has a secret : ) What a fun child. I am so glad that you get to be the mother of such a budding genius : )

Tamar SB said...

This is so cute! And I love her name, always been a favorite of mine! The snow hearts is so sweet, but I bet you're ready for spring!


Buckeroomama said...

Well, at least she put them in the fridge and not in an underwear drawer or somewhere not-so-ideal... =)

the greek chinese connection said...

Cute post and great pictures. Your final comment really gave me a chuckle!!!!

luv u me

the Lola Letters said...

Oh they are soooo darling! {and I wish my house looked like yours!! ha ha!}

P.S. - Your profile pic? WOW!!!
I think you are the prettiest person I know...

Mahmee said...

Bag lady or's all good. I'm totally loving that 'mad' seated photo. Priceless. Happy snow.

Jennifer Bowen said...

How adorable! Love the fairy wings. Your girls are so pretty! Don't you just love children's curiosity? I'm sure you'll have a lot more experiments to witness. =)

Gail said...

LOVE seeing your mad scientist with her sidekick working on their experiment. Fun times!

And the Secret Fairy Barbie and movie is a huge hit in our house too. :)


Grace said...

Both girls are really pretty and I think it is wonderful you let her experiment. She will remember it longer because of the special moments made (and ice hearts)

Lisa said...

I smiled ( the big goofy type ) from beginning to end! I remember those secret missions and wondering how it would all turn out....fairy wings just add to D's already considerable charms!!!

And her wee sidekick? Well, of course she's in on the secret too....cuz that always makes it more fun!! At our house we have one plus two also....two sprites hard at work turning things upside down as they can!! I love it!

And this? Was pure fun!!! Hmm....wonder what they will be up to next??? :)

Dita said...

Oh MAN....this post just cracked me up. What they think of. I love how creative she was to put them in girly heart shaped containers rather than snowballs in ziplock bags! She is her mother's daughter.

What a great slice of life at your house!

I could eat those two up....Dahlia looks so "summer-y" in her adorable tie dyed nightgown...though I know you are suffering the same "winter that wouldn't leave" as we are.

Its so nice to see Milana tagging along with her big sis....and Dahlia LETTING HER!


Our family said...

Ahhhhh isn't imagination and creativity incredible?! LOVE seeing your little winged-scientists at work!!!