Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mommy.....did Santa come?

Zizi's job on Christmas Eve? = Watch for Santa!
Looks like someone was sleeping on the job!
Dahlia slept in our bed on Christmas eve, as our guests arrived a day early (yah!)
So her bedroom became the guest room.
This is Christmas morning.
Dahlia showing Milana how to slide on her bum. (So much faster, girl!)

Excited? Who....me?

Santa wrote Dahlia a letter, like every year.

Now, here is where I should have a million pictures of the kiddies ripping into their prezzies. No, I cannot join in that fun and hold a camera still too. So....I opted for the fun (and mayhem). With the addition of a 22 month old boy (my neices son) the joy and craziness factor augmented
big-time so I just tagged along for the ride.

Dahlia's two kitties. Zizi, of course and her newest - Miette - from the Three Muskateers. Interestingly, it was the only thing Dahlia kept asking for. Other than the 2009 Barbie doll which she said looked like me (yeah...I wish), that's all she wanted. She got a bit more but we did not go crazy this year.

No, really!

Time to get a bit of fresh air. Mom is waiting but maybe I'll tinkle the ivories first........

Are you coming?

Hmmm....Mom say's - good thing I'm cute!

And just to keep it real.......I present our very messy (but funfilled) family room.

....with their little cousin

...and cutie-petutie on her zebra.

...and my model....performing beautifully except for....



See this sweet dress? It was Dahlia's back in 2004 for her first Christmas with us. I don't know how many times I looked at this dress, hanging in her closet, wondering if her little sister would ever get to wear it.

Dahlia - Christmas 2004
(same dress but with a little matching bolero.)

Dahlia - Christmas 2004

Dahlia - Christmas 2004

(ummm.....change of wardrobe.....we had a little accident....)

....but we're havin' fun!

A few favorite sweets I make every year. Wouldn't be Christmas without them.

....but nothing could be sweeter!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


From yesteryear's......
till today........
...from our family to yours.......
a Very Merry Christmas to All !

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas decor....as promised!

So, I'm finally taking a moment (ha) to put some pictures together and share a little Christmas "chez nous" with you.
This is a few weeks ago, during our first snowfall - which is always the best.

Come on in!

Just some treasured (to me) ornaments I've collected through the years. The glass icicles below were from my twin sister Wendy. She was so thrilled to have found them at an estate sale in Westchester (when she lives in NYC) and knew I would love them. I treasure them today.

Of course, this is my real treasure!.......

....par deux!

I could tell you how long I have had these bulbs....
....but I'd have to kill you!

There's our main tree....in the library. (Really where we spend most of our time.)

In past years I've put an angel on the top of the tree. And every year I've thought it was just too big. So this year I just stuck some silver branches to make a spray. I like it better.

So far, nothings been broken. Touched plenty but not more. My beloved neice, her hubbie and 21 month old son are arriving for Christmas this week and will be staying with us. That record may change by holiday's end!

(click on any image for more detail)

Dahlia's little tree.

I came down the stairs one morning to find Zizi sitting there (begging for me to run for my camera - which is precisely what I did). And she sat and posed for me for about 5 minutes. Literally posed.
Did I mention she's a cat?

I put 2 smaller trees in the 2 front windows this year. Other than those and the front door garland and 2 pots with lit arrangements - that was it for the outside. Most everything had to be done while the wee one naps.

And our village. It's from the Ashton Drake Gallery. I started collecting the pieces when we signed our first adoption papers for Dahlia. Each piece is really a work of art - the detail is fantastic. Really, I can't capture it all in a photo.
I could live in that village.

Train station. Don't you want to sit on those benches and take it all in?
The church with a little choir boy.
This was the first piece I bought. It's an Angel Flight School. Look what the sign says -
"Don't Forget: Flap Your Wings".

The Post Office.

Hope you enjoyed your little visit. Next time we'll break open the eggnog and truffles.....'k?

I'll be posting our Christmas card later this week.

Merry Christmas everyone!