Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Celebrating the season....

Do you love hearing a choir and orchestra singing out "Joy to the World"?
I do.....brings me back to singing in the choir as a kid. My favorite part was when all the choirs from all of the churches in our town would get together for a Christmas carol service in the evening. It would usually be snowing lightly and that many voices with the pipe organ swelling just lifted me up to another place.
The singing Christmas tree is probably very familiar to many. I took Dahlia (and our buddies Helen and Angel) to it this year. There is little I enjoy more than going to a ballet or show with Dahlia. I just love it!

And I loved seeing and hearing it through Dahlia's eyes. She sat on my lap for a better view so I could really sense how it was affecting her. Near the end, with 'O Holy Night' beginning - the doors opened and what had been a modern day play transformed back 2,000 years and thus began a procession of the Christmas angels, the three wise men, shepherds carrying a real lamb and sheep and leading a llama, Joseph, Mary and the baby.

It was just magical. And very moving!

Near the end of the song in the swell of a crescendo, Joseph lifted up the little bundle to show the baby Jesus. I leaned into Dahlia's ear and said "look Dahlia, it's the baby Jesus". And she whipped her head around, eyes widened and quickly exclaimed "for real?!"

That moment is frozen for me.

How beautiful!

So, what Christmas moment is special for you? I want to know.


Lisa said...

Joy to the World is the very last hymn sang at our churchs' Christmas Eve Mass each year ~ more than magic, it has marked a passage of time from being a little girl, anxious for all the morning glory yet to come, to now being a Mama & watching the beauty of it through a child's innocence. Always it comes at the end of the service and unlike regular Mass, it seems that folks linger just a bit longer on their way out of the church. No one rushes to be the first out of the parking one dashing home for last minute preparations or to parties.No one ducking out early. As the hush falls, it seems like we collectively reflect on our many blessings and the sacrifices HE has made in our stead.

Oh, how I cherish that song ~ my portal of Christmas past & those yet to come.

For me too, there are just so many little magical moments in each day to relish this time of year. Mostly just having our two miracles with us this year.

Wanda, I love the way you described your outing and Dahlia's incredible response to the program. What an amazing spirit she has & I'm certain its reflective of her Mama's lovely heart & spirit too.

Thank you for reminding us to remember all the splendor & meaning of the season.

the greek chinese connection said...

Wanda, I'm so happy to have shared in "The Singing Christmas tree" show with you and Dahlia. Angel and I just loved it. The ending was truly spectacular and quite moving for both of us. You are so right...ther is nothing that I love more than watching a show with my little Angel in my arms. It was a magical evening for all of us.

We are truly blessed my friend!!!

As for special Christmas moments...As you know we have a tradition that on Christmas Eve we all wear new pyjamas and we make hot coco with marshmellows and sprinkles. We sit by the tree and as we drink our coco we talk with Angel about the true meaning of Christmas.

This is my favorite moment...after all the craziness of shopping, wrapping & preparations are finished and before the excitement of Christmas morning and "LA GRANDE VISIT"

This is quiet family time and it always feels very peaceful.

Angel always says it is the best time of her life!!!

God is so Good!!!

luv u


Jboo said...

I love going to those type of things too -- such a special time to share, especially with little girls! Have a great time. Thanks for you kind comments!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh that moment will never be forgotten:) So sweet!!

I love going to Christmas Eve Mass....we always go to the Children's Mass and it is need to get there an hour before to get a seat otherwise it is standing room only. The choir is incredible and usually moves me to tears......I am emotional like that!!

I will never forget the year we got Sarah.....she was only 4 weeks old and I cried through the entire Mass as she slept through the entire service in my arms.

Happy Holidays my friend.... I hope your card makes it, I am not sure if I put enough postage on the envelope......UGH!!



Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

What a sweet moment when that little angel turned around and said that! I love little moments like that! I am a sucker for sleeping babies, I would have to say my favorite moment at Christmas is when we go in to wake them up and tell them Santa came and they can't even open their eyes yet. They rub them and snuggle up to you trying to wake up. Sleeping babies...that's my moment.
Your blog is beautiful and I wanted to say "Thanks" for your sweet comments. (It went into my spam and I found it today!! Blogger is sending my stuff to spam all of a sudden!) UGH!
Have a wonderful day!

Our family said...

OH Wanda....I was transfixed by your words. Felt I was right there. Sounds so magical...

Thank you for sharing. I love the simple things in life. Those moments when you feel you hope you will always remember it in years to come. Like your moment with Dahlia, absolutely precious. I am so happy for you.

Many hugs,


Our family said...
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Our family said...

oops! Sorry for the above!

I have many special Christmas moments. Especially now with our girls... And our first with our Hannah...

But, remembering back to when I was little... My Grannie(who we are so fortunate now lives with my folks) and my Grandpa (who I miss so greatly) would ride to church with us on Christmas Eve. Grandpa would always be at my side. I remember one year the roads were extra slippery (we lived in the country) and riding back was so magical to me. We were slow going with the roads and I remember hoping that we would be home in time for Santa to arrive! I had my head resting on my Grandpa's chest and I kept watching the sky for Rudolphe's nose! OOOH I also know I saw it that year. I usually did on our way home from mass! Btw, I still do:)

Thinking of this brings back to many incredible memories! I was the Angel Gabriel two years at mass, and I was so incredibly nervous beforehand. And proud.... I also remember my brother telling me Gabriel was a boy! ROFL Burst my bubble a wee bit:)

As Helen said, one of our very special times now is that our girls always open new Christmas PJ's after Christmas Eve mass. And then when the baths are done, we come down all fresh and new pj'd and set out our cookies for Santa. Priceless. This is our tradition.

Thank you for the invitation to stroll down memory lane....