Sunday, December 6, 2009

Party Party !!

The season began today with the annual Christmas party of the Adoptive Families of Quebec. I remember the first one we attended six years ago, before we had Dahlia. Going to one of these without children could be considered a form of torture but I was so anxious to see other kiddies who had similar experiences to the ones we were about to embark upon.

Fast forward to today when were there with our two kiddies - meeting Santa, of course. This was the best shot we got of Milana. After this one she began to realize that we were actually that close to that red man and weren't leaving immediately so she decided she was going to and squirmed and tried to crawl into my neck.
Milana's first Santa encounter - December 2009
But notice how nicely Dahlia is sitting on Santa's knee. The following picture is the first one we have of Dahlia at this same function, 5 years ago and she was having nothing to do with that red man either. Times do change.

Dahlia's first Santa encounter - December 2004

( Ahem....we do have other little outfits and you'll see some of them. This is just the first party.)

Look at these girlies. Here are some of our dear little friends who were from our first trip to China, along with their little sisters.


Great friends!

They grow up so fast. An old cliche - but so true.
My house should be all decorated by now but I still have boxes in every room (you'd think we'd moved or something). I should have it all together this week and then we take our Christmas pictures. Dahlia's use to the routine - Milana.....brace yourself sweetie.

And then we've got more parties to go to. After that we'll start preparing our own Christmas celebration. This week we'll begin the real Christmas story from the bible too. With all the parties and gifts and Santa - it's so important to remember Who were are really celebrating.

Do I hear an amen?


3D said...

Sweet pics! I can not wait to join AFFQ!!

Keep smilin!

Valerie said...

Adorable pictures, particularly the one of you with Santa, you are stunning.

The season has officially begun.

Buckeroomama said...

We haven't "met" any real Santas yet this year... I wonder what Z's reaction would be. She was a bit wary when she was younger, but was game enough to be close to Santa and even let Santa carry her for a photo.

Great pics of the girls (and you!)!

Hannah said...

What a fun party. I have a friend that went to every single get together before her sweet baby came home. It would have been torture for me but she found comfort in seeing the other babies.

I love those outfits...they are perfect!

By the way ...


Marla said...

Amen! And adorable pics, your girls are just too precious. I love their sparkly outfits!

Lisa said...

Amen! GREAT GREAT pics; the girls will be delighted one day to peek back and see their authentic reaction to the big jolly man himself! We have similiar historical data too! :)

What a fun day and how wonderful to see your family come full circle from attending while awaiting children to attending with 2 beauties!

Can't wait to see all of your house splendor!

Leslie said...

OMg gorgeous kids!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW

Love santa photos!

icedlatteprincess:) said...

Your girls look darling and I do hope you are posting pictures of you decorated home when you are finished! Hugs & Happy Holidays! Fonnetta

Gail said...

Amen to that one. :)

Great pics and party Wanda! Your girls are both so precious and what beauties they are! BTW neither Grace or Will have gone to see Santa, ever...they both are scared of him...

Jboo said...

Your girls are so beautiful! Fun to see how their reaction to Santa changes over the years! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.


Felicia said...

Your girls are a*d*o*r*a*b*l*e

JinXiu said...

Great pictures,I especially love the one of you with Santa, you are stunning. The girls look georgous.

what a fun event


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...


OH HOW CUTE ARE THE their matching outfits.....ADORABLE!!!

Looks like a great event:)

Good luck with the house....I can't wait to see some pictures!!



Mom2Isabel said...

Love the girls' outfits, Wanda!
Milana is just adorable... and what a peanut!!!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Joyeux Noel!

Wanda said...

Thanks everyone. Your comments are so sweet. (And I tried to e-mail a few of you to say so but not everyone has an e-mail link on their blog....hint,hint.



Dita said...

I love the girls in their sparkly silver outfits....and Mommy's sparkly black jacket is to die for. I'm a black fiend if you didn't already know that, my dear!

I'll BET you have other outfits for the girls...probably about 20 each. You dress those two angels so incredibly...they look like 2 American Girl Dolls in every single picture.

I love the photo of the before and after with the Fat Man.....once Milana gets the deal that he is the key to the presents she'll be as compliant as her big sissy!

The shots of the girls with their little sisters is priceless....yes, honey, they grow up WAY too fast.

Enjoy every minute...but then, again, I know you do!

see you tomorrow night