Monday, December 14, 2009

Party On!

..... till you get a fever of 102.8.

Huh? Confused? Look at Milana's face. She wasn't hot yet but sure didn't look too happy. Dahlia must have been faking it 'cause it hit her about an hour after this picture. Both cherubs are in bed with Tempra in them.

I'll add a few more pictures of this Christmas party tomorrow ('s late already).


Kids are better today but I kept Dahlia home from school (kicking and screaming lol) as she definately has a cold and we're encouraged not to spread our germs in school.

So....back to the party.

Despite the odd moment where words like "I don't want a sister" and "I want my Mommy back" spring forth from the mouth of the older sibling, more and more they are enjoying eachother.

Warms a Mama's heart.

Santa made an appearance again.

And again Milana...well.......freaked.

Anybody notice how the photographer missed us in the picture? Any guesses who took this picture? Come on....three guesses! Oh, you're only needed one!

Well.....I'm just sayin'.


And to even the score, below is my test shot for our Christmas picture (with all subjects dutifully prepared) . Aren't they good?
(that's just a tease.......more to come.)


Buckeroomama said...

Poor little darlings. Hope they feel better soon. AH, I remember Tempra from my childhood days. Is it still green in color? I can almost remember the taste!!

Z has had a fever for the past two days already. She seems on the mend now... I hope! We don't have Tempra here, so she's been getting Ibupen.

Hannah said...

Oh no. I hope they feel better soon. No one should be sick near Christmas.

The picture is great. You guys looked beautiful for the party!

JinXiu said...

Poor baby. i hope she feels better. there is so much going around and kids can be running around one minute and sick the next. But amazingly they spring back so quickly. I hope they feel better soon. They dont want to miss out on the season.

I love the pictures. what great shots.

I especially love the family photo/ You look like a picture perfect family. ready for the cover of Blessed family.

Cant wait to see more pictures


Leslie said...

I just love the colors in your home!!! Gray and black are gorgeous!!!! im glad the girls are better!!!

Lisa said...

Oh,thank heavens they are on the mend, cuz its just no fun when the babies are sick!

Our little guy is fighting off something too & it breaks your heart when they are sick!

LOVED your teaser...can't wait to see the real thing!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

They are just precious!!! Their dresses are always have them dressed so cute!!

So glad to hear that the fever didn't stick around long...... This is no time to be sick:(

Happy Holidays:)



a Tonggu Momma said...

Poor little ones! I hope the colds disappear fully by Christmas. It's not fun to spend the holidays sick.

Mahmee said...

Well poo! Being sick is no fun! Hope they keep improving. Love that last pic. Ha ha.

simply t said...

Beautiful little girls in darling little dresses!
Hope they are not sick over Christmas, I know how special this Christmas will be for you as well!

JinXiu said...

How are the kids feeling? Only 5 more days until Christmas

happy Holidays