Monday, November 30, 2009

What a game !

Like the headline was unbelievable. After a very ho-hum Championship game where it looked like Montreal had all but given up, the winds shifted in the last 10 minutes of the final quarter and we pulled off a win.

The 97th Grey Cup win!

It had been a great year for the Montreal Allouettes. They were a shoe-in to win the Grey Cup (Canada's, sort of, equivalent to the SuperBowl).

Now if anyone is wondering....hmmm.....I wouldn't have pegged Wanda for a football fan - you'd be right. I'm not. However, Danny is. But he hasn't allowed himself the pleasure of watching the game in years. He played football in University but that was it. He's also the type to never take a break, let down his hair and chill. Rarely will he give himself something for pleasure.

I, on the other hand, can find pleasure in an ant crawling along the windowsill (on the outside) so it thrilled me when he started watching the Als this season. And I started making him watch the games as he really enjoyed it (ergo: I enjoyed him more.....get it?!)

Then Dahlia really got into it and would, are the Als playing this week-end? There's something awfully cute about a 6 year old asking when the game is on.

And so, we all watched. And I even got some of it. Especially when Danny would shout for glee and the popcorn would go flying.

Avon Cobourne, Alouette's running back did a fine job.

Mighty fine!

Quarterback Anthony Calvillo.

Armchair Quarterback Milana M. (on a popcorn break?)

Runningback Dahlia M. and The Coach (Dad).

Here comes the Grey Cup - carried by two fine Royal Canadian Mounted Police
(without their horses).

Ahh....victory is sweet!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I ♥ Faces ("We Heart Tooshies" Photo Challenge)

Yep....that's my littlest's tooshie !!

(For more tooshies - check out the other entries.
Can you say - cute!)

Friday, November 27, 2009

I think I'm hearing some jingle bells !

With less than a month (say wha...?) till Christmas, it was time to get into the spirit of the season. We had another day off of school today so we hit the shopping mall (no Black Friday here but no great deals either) to grab a few snaps of the kiddies.
The only reason I couldn't shoot the top of the tree was because I refused to actually get on my belly to snap it. A deep knee bend was all I could muster ( public anyway).

It was quite a challenge to get them even in the same shot - let alone looking in the same direction. The area was almost deserted so Milana was like a wild child - she couldn't believe how much freedom she had to run with complete abandon. And she held very little regard for her Mother's pleadings to sit and look pretty (please). No, she was having none of that.

I managed to get a few.

(click on any picture to enlarge)

It's such a beautiful shopping center and one of the things I love best is the parking. You know, normally you park in another state/province and then walk to the mall. Well, I'm thrilled to say in front of almost every entrance there are about 10 handicap spots and about 10....wait for it.......spots for parents and children with strollers. Oh, hallelujah....what could be better than that?

We're just so civilized here, eh?

I dragged a chair over for these shots. (No, not from my home.)

hey, where y'a goin little one?

Home.......I got my coffee. We're done!

Can't wait to see all the Christmas cheer coming up in Bloggyland !

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It was Party time.....look who's 2 continued.

Just sitting here pretty....waitin' on my peeps! that the doorbell?

......thanks Sissy.........I'm coming!

Ooo......looky....balloons arrived since I napped.'re the best!

Let the games begin.

Make a wish? ......what's a wish?

Oh boy, oh boy....let me at 'em!'s official.....I'm two! (and kinda cute)

Whoa! What a party!

....the morning after.

Till next year!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ahh....a happy moment!

My friend Jennifer just received her new daughter - Hannah Faith - in Jiangxi, China.
How beautiful it that?


I'm still cleaning up the tornado that hit our home yesterday (in the form of 8 crazy kids and their parents). I'll post pictures of all the fun and mayhem soon!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yep, two years old today - November 18th.

(somebody missed the cue "say cheese")

( a little tickle always works )

Below is a picture of Dahlia at the age of 2 (March 4, 2005). It still is one of my all time fav pics of her. I may try and find this outfit and get Milana to wear it walking down the stairs.

( Dahlia at two.)

We just had a simple family dinner with brownies for a birthday cake. (I put candles in Dahlia's brownie too.) Did Milana enjoy the chocolate? Oh yeah, she did.

Milana's party will be on Sunday. Nothing too big or overwhelming - just a few close friends. There's lots of time for the whole nine yards.

On Sunday too we'll begin a tradition for Milana that we've done each year on Dahlia's birthday. After the party is over, we'll go outside with our bouquet of balloons and release one into the night sky with a wish that it floats to her birthmother somewhere in China. And a silent prayer that she may know peace that her daughter is loved.

Happy Birthday, my little one!