Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Had enough of Halloween yet?

Awww......too bad....'cause I have yet more pictures to share.
Our "princess in training".

Belle face!
(please excuse me....I can't help it.)

Dahlia has been taking ballet since she was 3 and every Halloween they have a little dress-up show at the end of the lesson where we drooling, overly excited parents are allowed into the hallowed ground practice hall where our little giggling darlings strut their stuff.

Here (below), Dahlia is with her BF - Angel - who has taken lessons with her since the beginning.

Proud? Who....us?

(click on any picture to enlarge)

At the end of the little show, Milana was let loose and ran to her sister's arms. My heart just melts with these pictures.

...I gotcha, sissy.

Their ballet teacher gave out treats. Oh boy!

Sweaty, satisfied and happy - my little ballet princess whips off her tiara. She's done!

Let's go home, Mom.


Love Letters To China said...

Your girls are precious! Love the pictures of them running into their open arms.

Dita said...

The girls are just so completely adorable in their costumes. The pictures of Dahlia greeting her baby sister are just precious. Imagine, a lifetime together sharing the bonds of sisterhood.....so amazing.

I could look at pictures of your girls for hours!

JinXiu said...

Love the pictures

too precious

3D said...

Love all the sweetness and girly loveliness!

Keep smilin!

M3 said...

Oh man, those hugging pictures!!! Grinning over here...

Our family said...

Absolutely scrumptious!!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh, I could NEVER get too much of that splendor! OMG, the photos of M dashing to D's outstretched arms just take my breath away....truly!

What precious moments you captures and what beautiful sweethearts you have! I can just imagine the swell of pride and joy from all the parents watching their wee ballerinas.....I bet the emotions could fuel a small country for days! :)

Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also wish your friend so much luck on her fundraiser; the earrings are lovely & inspired!

Leslie said...

The sister pics melt my heart!!!!!!! *SIGH*

Abby loves Ballet soooo much !!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

These pics are so CUTE!!! I loved watching Miss D in her dance class.....especially when little sis came running over for some loving.....that melts my heart too!!

Hope you are having a great week!!


Mahmee said...

Aw shucks...you might just win the gratuitous cuteness award for the week. That's pretty sweet.

Buckeroomama said...

Sweet, sweet, super sweet --especially the pics of Milana running to Dahlia and Dahlia just picking her up off the floor. I just love them! :)

the greek chinese connection said...

When can I see the other 900 pictures???

They are sooooooo beautiful!!!

And yes my dear Wanda we did get lucky...again!!!

God is so GOOD

Luv u


Briana's Mom said...

I love all that beautiful sisterly love! And the girls were as cute as can be!

Donna said...

Happiness galore! Running and playing and hugging and loving with chocolate for dessert!