Thursday, November 12, 2009

School's out....well....for a day.

Time to hit the park.
"oohhhh....looky's a ladybug."

"umm....'xcuse me.....remember me? The cute little one.....I'm over here"

" 'k....that's better! "

" ooo....let's look over here. It's a little chapel."
" see, I know Mom wants me to stand here and say....cheese. She doesn't even have to tell me anymore. I'm just smart like that! "

" see that blurry background? Mom liked that........wide-open lens, she said....or something like that. "

"Oh, looky, looky....a really chubby...ummm......hmmm.....I don't know what to call that. And how odd, Mom's stumped too. Does anyone know what kind of duck,bird,waddling thing this is?"

" let me get a closer look."

"Ohh....impressive wing span."

"No, really, I just want to say hello."

"Awh...come on now."

"Stay.....I have treats."


"Look at this cute little village. I knocked on all the doors. Nobody was home."

" Ahh.....beautiful swan loves sissy's Cheerios. Ssshhh.......she's napping in the stroller."

Ahem - Mom here. Check out the pattern on this black swan's feathers. I would love to design some fabric or wallpaper or something like that. I love it!

That's all. Just ignore me. Back to the cute kid talkin'.

" hmm....this one likes my sissy's cheerios too."

" Hey, sissy's awake. Let's rock 'n roll."

" Wheeeeeeee.....
....eeeeeee !"

"'re cute.....but Mom's gonna have to push you."

"So, Mom......when's the next school holiday?"

Mom will have to check the calendar.


Jill said...

What fun pics Wanda!
I love the pictures of the birds! Gorgeous!
Love the pics of the girls too, of course! They are adorable! How are things going?
Hugs, Jill

Buckeroomama said...

It's always such fun to be out with the kids, isn't it? Lovely pics. I just love how sweet Dahlia is with her sister. :)

That first bird looked like a cross between a duck and a turkey! I think the swans are so elegant and gorgeous.

Have a good weekend!

Susie and Gordie said...

Great little town! Where are you exactly?

3D said...

What fun! You have to tell me what park that is? I wanna go and check it out.

Keep smilin!

Wanda said...

It's actually our local park. We love it there - it has everything.


Leslie said...

omg those pics are stunning!!! Pretty girls and birds!

Our family said...

Wow that looks like an awesome time!!!!! What little village were you in? Looks like a storybook!!!!!


Donna said...

What beautiful park! Looks like you had a really special holiday away from school!

That big old bird was a goose. At least I'm reasonably sure it was. We have them all over the place up here but never any swans. They honk and they're pesty and sometimes they chase Gwen and Maddy!



Carol and Taylor said...

wow, wish we had parks like that down here in the swamp...and of course if it was cool, too. I'd be skipping work everyday!

Mahmee said...

The kids AND the were lovely!

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