Tuesday, October 13, 2009

" Not just stunning Mom...stu - unn - ing !! "

So.....it's fall, which means it's time to decorate some pumpkins and gourds. Let me say that word again - gourds. What a neat word that is - gourds....especially when you over-pronounce the r.

Dahlia and I went to pick our pumpkins at this most glorious pumpkin patch the grocery store several weeks ago and she was very excited about covering them with every imaginable colored bauble and stick-ons and more stuff than you can imagine. Well, Mama overruled her this year. Normally I would have kept to my silver/black/white theme but I opted for pink, knowing this would please my princess daughter even more than the multi-colored concoction she was dreaming of. We painted up these babies and threw on the glitter and stuff.

When it was all dried and arranged on the table, Dahlia came in and gave a little gasp and half said one of her favorite words ..."stu" to which I finished it and asked "stunning?". Dahlia replied with "No Mom, not just stunning......STU - UNN - NING !!

Kid approved. What more could you want!

Update: Oct 22, 2009

I just linked this post to Kelly's Korner site where she has a McLinky for "Show us your life" and the theme is Fall Decorations. Thought I'd enter and I tried to paste her button but it's not working so........for great decor ideas, don't forget to go to http://www.kellyskorner.com/

Last week-end was our Canadian Thanksgiving (eh!) so for several weeks the theme at school has been on Thanksgiving. This was Dahlia's drawing of what she is thankful for. She had to read the poem and got a 9 out of 10. What blows my mind is how fast she has learned to read. From only a few tiny words in Sept. to full sentences a month later (and she missed almost 2 and half weeks in there....but...ahem....she was home-schooled....'k!)

Dahlia was dying to add gems to the pumpkins (in every color). I agreed to just pink on the little one atop the Daddy pumpkin.
With a little tea set I picked up in China.
I love my dining room. Sorry if that sounds braggy but I do. It's the one room that, for me, is almost perfect. (Except for the 2 bare walls on either side of the armoire which are crying out for 2 paintings, which will be done one of these years months.)

A few years ago I completely re-did our living room and dining room - the way I always wanted to. Went to one fabulous store and had everything made to order. If you're from here or ever come to Montreal, check out Maison Epipla on LaBelle Boul. in Laval. They have beautiful furnishings and great service.

And finally, two shots of the decor again (are you sick of it yet?) but with a method to my madness. The first below is with a flash, the second without - just with the chandelier lighting. To me the flash is over pink, the without flash turns it peach. Why can't I have a happy medium.

I may soon have an answer to this little conundrum. In a few weeks I'll be taking an on-line photography course with PFP (Pixel Fairy Photography) and I'm hoping to have all my lighting problems solved.

Happy Fall y'all !


Buckeroomama said...

How lovely! We never really get into any fall decorations here...

Happy Thanksgiving (belated)!

Donna said...

She's right, it is stunning (with three syllables)! I love how you painted the pumpkins. And the gems on the teensy tiny ones are perfect!

About the color correction in the photography --- have you tried to do a white balance correction? What photo editing program are you using?

How cool that you're doing an online class! I'd like to do that but first I guess I have to do my online traffic school --- ugh!


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Leslie said...

your home is soooo fancy...Mine is red walls and bright furniture so my kids dont kill it!! LOL


Lisa said...

Wow, Dahlia had it just right.....stunning with lots of emphasis on all the syllables!!

I love that your pimp :) your pumpkins and gourds(I like that word too...giggle) with help from a sweet princess and can't imagine a more gorgeous centerpiece for that already lovely room! I for one did NOT get sick of the various angles......I also sadly have trouble with flashes and lighting too....grrrrr...if you glean a pearl at the class please share!! :) Pretty please??

Sounds like school is rocking too.....you've got a smart chickadee there Mama...but you already knew that!! :) Hugs!

Our family said...

Everything looks simply Gourd-geous!!!!!!!! LOL Sorry:))))))) Looks divine though!

Wanda said...

Bwa-ha-ha Jennifer.....good one!

Magic Brush said...

I love the pink pumpkins! And the bling.....especially the stuff down the "seams" of the pumpkins! What a pretty room! Thanks for remembering to email me! Bless you.

psychohist said...

That dining room is really beautiful.

icedlatteprincess:) said...

LOL...Wanda, your dining room is so beautiful and the pumpkins are so FUN!! I had never thought of painting them!!!None of us like cutting and gutting!! LOL We might have to try this this year! I know my girls would love blinging up the pumpkins! Hope you had a HAPPY Thanksgiving!


Grossesse Made in China said...

Coucou Wanda,
I would like to know how is Angelo's family ?
And how can i write to them ?! ;) Do they have a blog ?

Nice pumpkins ! I have to work on that now ! ;)


Jodee Leader said...

I love your pumpkins! They do look stunning!

the greek chinese connection said...

Just Beautuful!!!

Think Pink

luv u


Mahmee said...

Oh yes, very nice...glittery pink pumpkins. We love to paint our pumpkins here too. I really love that picture she drew of your family. That is so sweet.

Felicia said...

Your dining room is Stuunnnning! When you get the "kids-stamp-of-approval" you can't top that!


The pumpkins are absolutely stunning! I love them!!! And I do homeschool both of my girls, ages 8 & 13. It's not always easy but I love it! I do think they learn easier in a more comfortable environment, so I'm not suprised with the progress you made with her in such a short time! Thanks so much for sharing... and bragg on.... your dining room is beautiful! -April