Friday, October 16, 2009

Love Story

This is my Dahlia with her BFF - Angel.
And theirs is a beautiful love story!

They met as babies in China, from the same orphanage. When the nannies handed them to us they eagerly shared that "these two were good friends....very good friends".

We had met Angel's parents at the courthouse, during the paperchase, about 8 months prior and travelled together to receive our daughters. (Subsequently, we recently got back from China after receiving our second daughters with this same family - another love story for another time.)

Angel's and Dahlia's relationship has blossomed like a beautiful flower over these past, almost five years. (We're fast approaching our 5 year "Gotcha Day"anniversary.) When they are together - no one else is around - just the two of them in their own little world.

This picture (taken at Angel's 6th birthday party) captures the two expressions that describes their friendship. Serenity and joy. Just utter JOY!

As they are to their parents as well!

This months theme at the Mamarazzi site is - love story. Hop over to see more stories.

It does the heart good!

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Buckeroomama said...

Childhood friendships are nothing but utter sweetness. :)

Our family said...

That is definitely a love story. They have shared so much and will continue to. It is truy beyond beautiful...

Thanks for sharing...



Lisa said...

What a treasure they must be to one another and to all of you!! I smiled throughout this entire story and truly it IS one of love and loveliness!! :)

Happy weekend!!!

Jodee Leader said...

What a sweet story!

Teresa said...

That's amazing! We traveled with two other families and try to keep the girls together as much as possible. One of the girls lives in my town and the other lives just 90 minutes away. They are all from the same orphanage and have the same shared history. It's so important to have someone in their life who has the same experience.

the greek chinese connection said...

Yes my dear Wanda...a true love story. Our girls are so blessed to have one another. They are beautiful little flowers that have bloomed side by side in God's garden and we are so lucky to have them.

luv u


Julie said...

That is just beautiful!!

My daughter has a similar story with her friend Zoe - Elisa's daughter. They just love to be together and ask for each other all the time.

Donna said...

What a beautiful story! They really do look as though they share something special. How wonderful that they can continue to be friends forever. It's exciting to think of all the new chapters still to be written in this love story of special friends!

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M3 said...

That is just an awesome story! Love it, and love that you cherish the connection.