Monday, October 19, 2009

Mont Tremblant in the Fall !!

Yes, Susie got it right. We were in Mt. Tremblant for the week-end. We hadn't been up since last March when it was still bitter cold.

And it was pretty cold - crazy weather for October, but pretty normal for this year of wacky weather.
Hey....follow us.......

Me and Dahlia coming up the Cabriolet which is only a few hundred feet from our condo. I/we could spend all day going up and down the hill. I/we just love that view and ride. Not really being a rollercoaster kind of gal (ummm...I'm talking about me now) this little thrill suits me just fine, thank you very much.

My friend Lisa posted this week about how everything is a milestone now that they are a family of four. Last March we stood in front like this as a family of three (and I remember so clearly, thinking, hmmm.....maybe next time Milana will be with us) and now, just look at us. Well, you have to squint a bit to see Dahlia hiding behind the stroller but four we are!

From fushia to orange. Ouch!

Lisa also mentioned how impossible challenging it is to get two kids in one picture. Well, I chased these two around so much I got dizzy and gave up.

It was like "ok, hold, no, this way....ok, look at me....opps, one kid her up, no, not by the hair.....ok, this way.......
oh......forget it.....let's get some ice-cream!" comes with maturity (and whippings).


Ahhh....that's better!
Anybody notice that little thing on the ground to the left? (Click to enlarge.)
Uh-huh, a little lost shoe from guess who. Milana is constantly kicking off whatever she can get rid of. She really is a total nut-ball.
Note the extra sweet smile on Dahlia's face as she thinks Santa is looking up her name in the naughty or nice book.

Finally got to the lake road (the beach was closed, grrrrrr) as the sun was getting low to capture some sweet pics of my little model.

(Look how huge that maple leaf is. Dahlia collects and presses them - she has a whole book of them, all sizes and colours.)

Now we're at a little man-made lake near the new casino on the other side of the peak. The sun was getting really low but I had to keep shooting. I just can't get enough of that face.

See what I mean!

She just takes my breath away!

Indulge me.....just one more.
I have to remember where this rock is so we can return each year for a picture. Maybe next year littler munchkin will stand still and sweet for me too.


Jodee Leader said...

What a fun fall trip. Cute pictures!

Buckeroomama said...

Looks like a very fun trip. :)

You are so right about what a challenge it is to get a good pic of both children in one photo. They never seem to look at the camera at the same time... they're constantly fidgeting!

Our family said...

Oh Wanda.... What a glorious looking weekend! The pictures are simply stunning!!!!! Beyond gorgeous!

Maya's Mommy said...

What beautiful pictures from a gorgeous fall day! It has been so rainy and cool here in Manitoba over the past few weeks that we seem to have missed the beautiful fall days. I love the change of seasons! Your girls are wonderful and look so happy AND I love admiring their clothes!!! Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. It's the only way I know if anyone reads it!

Misty Rice said...

Love all of the images.... what beautiful shots.

3D said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!! I have never been to Tremblant..gotta get there one day!

Keep smilin!

Susie and Gordie said...

I had an advantage I guess seeing that we are from the same city! Lovely pictures... good for you!

Alyson & Ford said...

Wow, what a beautiful story, vacation and family outing! Your daughters are beautiful! I enjoyed!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for One Year

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, what an enchanting place and what an enchanting family!! I love that you were able to experience it this time with BOTH of your lovely girls and I'm smiling so big as our experiences seem to mirror one another so well!!

YOU deserved that ice cream after attempting the almost impossible...LOL...capturing both munchkins in one shot ( where both are looking and seem content!) :)

I laughed right out loud at the Santa notation :) and noticed that Dahlia and Lauren both have a thing for tipping their gorgeous heads down during their photo shoots! LOL

SO happy you got to have this special family time.......and I feel like a star being mentioned in your amazing blog!! :)

P.S. Tyler enjoys taking his shoes off too....what's a Mama to do?? :)

Teresa said...

I love looking at fall in the east. So much prettier than S. California in fall. My cousin lives in St. Johnsbury, Vermont (THEE maple sugar capital of the world, thank you!) and some year I am going to make it for the fall foliage. Until then, I'll be able to view your pictures and enjoy.

JinXiu said...

I found your blog from another site. Your children are beautfiul. You are truly blessed
Mount Tremblant is one of my favorite places. I go twice a year. Summer and winter for skiing. It looks like you had a wonderful time
safe journey

JinXiu said...

Were not from upstae NY. I am actually from New York City. I just love Canada. it has a great charm to it and the people are amazing.
Love your blog
Have a great trip

Pineapple Princess said...

Oh, she is the most stunning little girl. She could easily model. Look at her!! :)

What gorgeous pictures you take!!

Amy said...

Such gorgeous photos Wanda, loved them!! And I soooooo know what you mean a/b getting two of them to now look and poise and smile and sit and look up and look here....for a It's pure bliss isnt it?!!!! xo-Amy