Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black and White Wednesday and "The Pink Connection"

PhSho-Angle&Georgia May2011 250 blog-3

We've called our little "gang" the 'Pink Connection' since before our families travelled to China for our first daughters.

Dan and I were at the court house, awaiting the final approval for our first adoption (Dahlia). I heard someone say my name and whipped around to see someone who I knew instantly that I would know very well.

Instant C.L.I.C.K. !!

PhSho-Angle&Georgia May2011 250 blog

We travelled to China together and became Mothers the very same moment.

Our first daughters - Dahlia and Angel had been waiting for us in the same orphanage......together.

PhSho-Angle&Georgia May2011 131 blog

And about four years later we returned to China for our second daughers.....together.

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The bond that Dahlia and Angel have is stronger than sisters (they call themsleves soul sisters). They absolutely adore each other.

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And a beautiful thing is happening again. Milana and Georgia are becoming such good friends. Of course they share a few other things in common.

Like....they're both nutballs.

LR PS edit first blog

But then.....we like nutballs around here!

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We sort of all go together like a well worn pair of warm slippers.

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the long road

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Long live "The Pink Connection" !

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Miss Happiest-When-Airborne"

Good Friday girls 257

So....this is not exactly "Today", but today we did go to Dahlia's ballet concert rehearsal and that reminded me that I hadn't posted these pictures from our little shoot at our local mall.

Good Friday girls 256

So, as I was shooting away, Dahlia decides to take off her shoes and fly through the air. She wasn't in the mood for posing so I barely got anything worth showing but she (we) sure had fun.

I kept screaming suggesting that she slow down so I could get something, but she was too far gone for any of my silly requests.

Then she decided that 'little sis' needed some instruction in flying.

Good Friday girls 259

Good Friday girls 260

Good Friday girls 263

Good Friday girls 262

We may still need a little work.

Good Friday girls 266

But.....little sis DID discovery a clue as to why her big sis was able to clear such heights.

Good Friday girls 265

....very interesting......

Good Friday girls 264

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - "More Flowers"

flowers tulips 066 blog

This week I'm all about flowers. Maybe because the forecast is rain for about 7 days and I keep looking at my garden with reassuring glances. "Soon my lovely things.....I'll clean you up and keep you company soon."

These are two tulips we rescued before the rains came. Yesterday I posted them in color and I guess I'm in a soft mood because I converted them softly as well. My normal style of - 'bam, in you face contrast' just wasn't calling to me this week.

Besides, I was having too much fun with textures which lends itself to a softer processing, don't you think?

flowers tulips 046-2 blog

the long road

For lots more photography pop on over to Lisa's blog and prepare to enjoy!

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flowers tulips 040 blog

flowers tulips 049 blog

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flowers tulips 050 blog

We have a long week-end coming up so I'm hoping the rains will stop and I can talk everyone into a family version of "let's get this party garden started".

flowers tulips 072-2 blog

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Heart Faces - "May flowers"

flowers tulips 061-3 blog

I love everything about the month of May.

But nothing more than May flowers.

flowers tulips 066-4 blog

flowers tulips 002-2 blog

flowers tulips 072-4 blog

flowers tulips 050-2 blog2

flowers tulips 072-5 blog

Can you tell I've been having some fun with textures?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - Pretty Girlie Bling!

Update: I had a post published here(my final one before leaving for China for Milana). This is a site that caters to Adoptive families in Canada.

PhoSh Beverley 327-2 blog

Look what I won!

I guess my name was randomly picked on Facebook page and a few weeks later I got a sweet little package in the mail. The girls weren't home at the time but I knew I'd hear squeals of delight when they spied all the pretty colors.

Photoshoot Kim Bridal Shower 420

I wanted to get picture of them right away but we had about 4 days of rain so I waited till this week-end to grab a few.

PhoSh Beverley 327 blog

Hey, bonus........they knew the colors they wanted. No squabbling.

Photoshoot Kim Bridal Shower 421
Photoshoot Kim Bridal Shower 424
Photoshoot Kim Bridal Shower 426

So, if you like pretty hair accessories for girls - you have to check out this site. Such pretty things.

Photoshoot Kim Bridal Shower 427

the long road

PhoSh Beverley 328 blog

Happy Wednesday!