Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - "More Flowers"

flowers tulips 066 blog

This week I'm all about flowers. Maybe because the forecast is rain for about 7 days and I keep looking at my garden with reassuring glances. "Soon my lovely things.....I'll clean you up and keep you company soon."

These are two tulips we rescued before the rains came. Yesterday I posted them in color and I guess I'm in a soft mood because I converted them softly as well. My normal style of - 'bam, in you face contrast' just wasn't calling to me this week.

Besides, I was having too much fun with textures which lends itself to a softer processing, don't you think?

flowers tulips 046-2 blog

the long road

For lots more photography pop on over to Lisa's blog and prepare to enjoy!

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We have a long week-end coming up so I'm hoping the rains will stop and I can talk everyone into a family version of "let's get this party garden started".

flowers tulips 072-2 blog

Have a wonderful week!


Kayce said...

My post this week is also of tulips! :) Love them and I'm loving your captures of yours! All of our rain this week is headed your way...sorry! Enjoy your blooms!

Meagan said...

Great photo's, I really love the one with the cat and tulip, beautiful!

em said...

I love how crisp and clean your photos are!

Leslie said...

I love your work!! Beautiful!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Your processing on these shots is so beautiful!

Gail said...

Well I never tire of flowers of any kind.
The second image (vertical) is so simple and lovely, and beautifully composed! I'd be framing that one.

And I so hear ya on getting the garden started...hope you'll be able to Wanda!

Happy Wednesday.

xoxoxo Gail

Love Letters To China said...

These are beautiful Wanda. I love the softness you added. They look like something you would paint on a canvas. :-)

Hope the rain finally stops and allows you to work in your garden. We have the other extreme down rain in sight. It's as if we lived worlds apart.

Happy Wednesday to you!!


Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Beautiful!! It has been so lovely here this week but now they are talking rain for the next 5 days...can't it just be summer already!
I like the photos both ways but thing they are so stunning and perfect with those textures.

Barb said...

What beautiful photography!

Valerie said...

These are all so lovely, it seems everything blooms beautifully under your loving care.

I know how much your garden means to you, I hope the rains bring a bounty of beauty your way, soon.

Thinking of you.


Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Oh how I LOVE flowers in black & white. So stunning!

Mama Hen said...

You are so talented my friend! I love the picture with the kitty! I hope you are doing well! Have a super weekend!

Mama Hen

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, your cat photo! Just gorgeous. Our irises are blooming, looking stunning. But only on one side of our house. The irises on the other side of the house look like they are two days from death. Go figure.