Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - My girl Dahlia !!!

Carrefour Dahlia 179 lipstick blog

I don't think I'll ever get use to the fact that this girl - this beauty is my daughter.

Carrefour Dahlia 104 blog

These pictures are from our little shoot we did on Good Friday at the big mall where the lighting is fabulous. I've been dropping little teases since then so here are just "some" of the hundreds I took.

Can't get enough of my girl.

Carrefour Dahlia 030 blog

When I look at that face and stare deep into those eyes - it's like I've known her for a thousand years.

Carrefour Dahlia 110 blog

Carrefour Dahlia 247 blog

One of these pictures is going up on my wall. I have 2 blank spaces in my diningroom and empty frames waiting for a painted portrait to fill them. I have been meaning to paint a portrait of each of the girls for these spaces. For ages now. But until then I think I will blow up two favorite photos on stretch canvas, frame them and hang them. Now I have to decide which one.

Carrefour Dahlia 109 blog

Carrefour Dahlia 153 blog

Carrefour Dahlia 259 blog

Sometimes when I check on her at night before I go to bed - I creep into her room and bend down to shnuzzle her cheek.

She stirs slightly and murmurs "mama" - so softly and sleepily, almost as if she was waiting for me.

Carrefour Dahlia 110 blog

Carrefour Dahlia 324 2blog with flowers

Up a pole. read that right. Almost fell off it too - into a bed of flowers.

Carrefour Dahlia 105 blog

(btw. I don't know why there are so many spaces between my sentences. I leave one and everytime I go back to check, there are 6 lines. I delete and delete but they still keep coming back. Me think I've got a bug. Anyway...sorry if it bugs you 'cause it certainly does me.)

Carrefour Dahlia 013 blog

the long road

Check out all the great photography at Lisa's site.

Carrefour Dahlia 104 blog

Carrefour Dahlia 239 blog

I've been working on getting my new photography website up and running and booking more photoshoots so I'm a bit of headless chicken these days. It is coming - if my computer doesn't choke on me.

Carrefour Dahlia 066 blog

So, feel free to chime in if you have a favorite. I'll be taking some similar shots of Milana this week-end so that bare wall will finally be dressed.

Carrefour Dahlia 316-2 blog
Thank you for indulging my - over the top passion of "can't get enough of that face" !!

Happy Month of May!!


Buckeroomama said...

Stunning, Wanda --just stunning! I'm referring both to Dahlia and the photos. :)

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, wow. The ones in color are just as beautiful, too!

I was wondering how some of the shots would look in color. Thanks for including them. =)

anemonen said...

Wow she is a real beauty! The photos are stunning!

Gail said...

Breathtaking. Oh Wanda.

The 4th one down and the largest black and white...well I have no words for them. She's stunning and you capture her beauty and personality. I can feel how much you love her in these images.

So what are you and I going to do when D and Grace get to be about 13-14? Lock the doors? yikes.

Congrats on the new web site.


Jewels of My Heart said...

She is breathtaking and the pics are exquisite!

Leah and Maya said...

the colors are so beuatiful but I have to say I love the black and whites they are so stunning

Love Letters To China said...

So worth the pole climbing! :-) These are amazing Wanda. I can't even imagine picking just one.

I'm agreeing with Gail....I think we all need to keep those doors triple bolted!


Wanda said...

Funny Grace - I was leaving a comment on your post at the same time as you were here.

And, yeah...let's invest in a door bolt company.

JinXiu said...


she takes my breath away

Shannan said...

She is beautiful! Precious Photos.

Dita said...

Well, you're in big trouble trying to decide because I have so many favorites. She is blossoming before our very eyes. I LOVE that dress, the flower, those EYES.....and the gorgeous hydrangeas in the Dahlia's eyes just sparkle and not just cause they're gorgeous...but cause she's looking at her Mama through them.....oh, how she adores you. She is one little love, that's for sure. I do feel gyped though.........thought I was going to get a whole ton of photos and I was sad to see them end. Got anymore??


As for the spacing issues I think its a blogger thing becuase it happens to me too and it drives me NUTS........and I still have an old blog!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Ab. So. Lute. Ly. gorgeous! Wow!

Casey said...

She's a beauty!!! What a tough decision for which portrait to use... they are all beautiful.

Erika B said...

Wow, impossible to pick a favourite! Gorgeous shots of your pretty girl.

Erika B

Kristen said...

Beautiful! Great lighting! And I love all the colors- but the b/w conversions are beautiful too

Kayce said...

This are absolutely beautiful Wanda! Love the black and whites!

jenbusymom said...

Gorgeous pictures Wanda! Happy Mother's day!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

She is stunningly beautiful Wanda..... and yes, she does take your breath away! These photos might be some of my favorites you have ever taken of her!! The black and whites are so dramatic and gorgeous......LOVE!!

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!! Enjoy your special day Wanda~