Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Black and White Wednesday

PhSho FamilyT version 2-031(&55) 8x10-2 wm

I should really be posting this gorgeous family on my photoblog, along with about 15 other shoots I've done recently and haven't had the time to post - but I thought I'd show them off here since......they're a family.
And such a delightful family to shoot.

PhSho FamilyT 195 wm

PhSho FamilyT 282 wm
Just look at those peepers!

PhSho FamilyT 073 solo 8x10 wm
Take a minute to visit Lisa's ( and check out all the other photography this week.

PhSho FamilyT 265

PhSho FamilyT 055-3 wm

I'll soon have much more of this wonderful family up on my photoblog......promise!
Happy Wednesday!!


Kayce said...

Oh Wanda! These are amazing!!! What a treasure for this beautiful family!

Terri said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! What a beautiful family and beautiful shots Wanda! I bet they were thrilled with these pictures!

Kim said...

Those are fabulous photos. I love the black and white.

Life with Kaishon said...

What a beautiful family. How lovely Wanda! Absolutely lovely.

Love Letters To China said...

Gorgeous Wanda! So happy to hear you're business is doing so well. Look forward to see more in the future. Happy Wednesday to you!


Wanda said...

I know some (sweet) people have been having trouble leaving a comment but I got a tip and changed some settings and hopefully the problem is solved.

Thanks for your patience!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Definately a gorgeous family...and the ones in b&w are to die your posing strategy also!

Dita said...

Can I just say....WOWZA!!!!!! You have seriously outdone yourself here, Missy!

I love everything about these shots, especially the creative way you posed them....they all look so relaxed (and gorgeous)...but with you behind that camera, how COULDN'T they be relaxed!

I am in Love, Love, Love with them.
And those great big eyes on that little princess reminds me of a certain someone who lives in my house!



I miss my roomie!!!!

Marla said...

What a GORGEOUS family!!! And what a beautiful job you did on this session, Wanda!! Simply amazing!!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

WOW- you did such a wonderful job capturing the spirit & love of this family!

Gail said...

Oh Wanda...these are F A B U L O U S!!!! What beautiful how you posed them. Large families are hard to pose, I may have to borrow some of your ideas.

Sounds like your Summer has been busy, hope you have a great weekend!!

Gail :)

Mama Hen said...

These pictures are beautiful! So creative!

Mama Hen

Amy said...

I love all of your photos! Girls are adorable too :)