Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Black and White Wednesday "Farewell to Summer"

Sunday family picnic 042 wm-2

This feels like it was the shortest summer of my life.
Not that we travelled all that much - a few little trips, but no biggies. But I blinked and it's almost over.

Today, school begins again. Another year gone and Dahlia enters grade 3!!!
So to celebrate (or should I say - commemorate) the end of summer I'm posting some shots from a little trip to our local park (that I adore) for a little Sunday picnic.

Sunday family picnic 004 wm

Sunday family picnic 018 wm

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Sunday family picnic 013 wm

Sunday family picnic 016 wm

Sunday family picnic 103 wm

I had thought the summer would be fairly easy going for my photography business but it turned into a whirlwind. Not that I'm complaining - I just wasn't quite prepared to be so busy, so fast.
I had wanted to organize my office and re-do my studio (that the kiddos had slowly been encrouching into) and what should have taken a week or two took all summer.

But, it's done and I love it and can't wait to start the engines in September. I can easily work throughout the year now - plenty of light (and lights)!
I'll post some pics soon of my studio as I'm getting ready for my Facebook give-away that I promised last June. Next on the look-out.

Sunday family picnic 068 wm-2

Sunday family picnic 054 wm

Sunday family picnic 077 wm

Sunday family picnic 062 wm

Sunday family picnic 031 wm-2

Sunday family picnic 091 wm

Sunday family picnic 026 wm

Sunday family picnic 031 wm

Sunday family picnic 028 wm

Sunday family picnic 057wm

Sunday family picnic 060 wm
I can hardly believe we live just a few miles from this beautiful nature park. It's a perfect location for photoshoots.

Sunday family picnic 080 wm
The kids wanted to get a closer look at the bride.

Sunday family picnic 082 wm
But we gave them their space.

Sunday family picnic 071 wm

Sunday family picnic 079 wm

Sunday family picnic 100 wm
(ooo...lookie..... a grasshopper.)

Sunday family picnic 045 wm

Sunday family picnic 049 wm

Sunday family picnic 093 wm

Sunday family picnic 106 wm

Sunday family picnic 108 wm
This summer we marked two years since Milana has been home. What a happy, sweet little girl she has become.

Sunday family picnic 039 wm
It's Black and White Wednesday at Lisa's.

Sunday family picnic 047 wm-2

So.....farewell Summer......till next time.


Life with Kaishon said...

So glad you had a grand summer Wanda! Wishing your baby all the best as she takes on the third grade : )

Cindy said...

What a beautiful park, love all the flowers and wildlife that your eyes captures. Simply it is farewell to summer:(

Kayce said...

That park is so beautiful! A perfect backdrop and a perfect picnic spot with the family. The best part of summer is knowing it will return again...until then we just dream of the day it arrives back.

Ashley Sisk said...

Looks like a lovely time at the park - summer did fly by though. Of course,I've been secretly wishing for it to disappear. I love fall!

Chrystal Oates said...

What a wonderful park and beautiful little girl.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

WOW- what a beautiful place! Your girls are just so striking! They make me smile-

Our family said...

What a majestic park. What a gift it must be to your photography, family and spirit!

Farewell summer indeed! Good luck to your little sweeties!

And happy anniversary. How incredible these two years have been to Milana and your whole family.


Julie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful summer! And it's not over yet!

Ellie said...

i agree. shortest summer EVER!

lovely lovely photos - your little lovely is the loveliest of all!

xo ellie
ps yay that your photography business is going so well!

Buckeroomama said...

So happy that your business is taking off! =)

Seeing how the girls have grown (esp. Milana!) really makes one feel the passage of time. Little Milana's not so little anymore... and Dahlia's in 3rd grade, whoa. Don't you wish that time would slow just a tiny bit sometimes? :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a beautiful tribute to summer! I am happy to say goodbye to the heat, but so very sad to say goodbye to some of the carefree and fun days we had this summer as a family of five:)

I guess fall will bring some beauty..... but it also means Christmas is just around the corner and I start to have a panic attack at the thought.

Lots of love to you~



Mama Hen said...

Simply beautiful!

Mama Hen

Dita said...

HEY! I know those girls...I know that park.....I love the BWs and the beautiful.

Can't believe another summer has come and gone...well, nature will just have to give us another one next year.

Kisses to you and those beauties! (and Danny too!)

Dita (and the Darlings!)