Monday, July 11, 2011

TODAY ......just my flowers......

PhSho Christine Chan (June 2011) 018 WM

Have you ever really looked at a flower?

PhSho Christine Chan (June 2011) 008 WM

No....I mean really looked!

(Ok....stop rolling your eyes....of course you have.)

PhSho Christine Chan (June 2011) 028 WM it just me who thinks a flower is just about the most amazing creation in the world (chubby babies aside). (Oh, and fluffy puppies too.)

PhSho Christine Chan (June 2011) 051WM

Like....what do you suppose God was thinking? We can't eat them......they don't clean the air or give off oxygen.....

PhSho Christine Chan (June 2011) 012

they just sit there and look gorgeous!

PhSho Christine Chan (June 2011) 005 WM

And...what's wrong with that?

Nothing. Not one thing!

PhSho Christine Chan (June 2011) 017

Ok....that's all the pontificating I have today (in my little corner of the world). Do visit all the other sites and take in all that gorgeousness.

Just because!


tinajo said...

Looks beautiful - love the pink! :-)

Maddy said...

They bring us joy and brighten a room - that's more than enough reason for me :)

Terri said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

I just went through your last few posts as well. LOVE all the pictures and your model shoot.... FABULOUS!!!!

Have a great week Wanda!

Love Letters To China said...

These are beautiful Wanda. I agree....I can't imagine what the world would be like without them. BTW...yours are gorgeous. :-)

Ashley Sisk said...

God is really quite the artist...and flowers are incredible.

Tamar SB said...

These are beautiful! You are right, they are just amazing creations!

Gail said...

I couldn't agree more Wanda. They are lovely things for us to admire and enjoy!! These are incredible, I can just imagine their fragrance.


Mahmee said...

Oh yes, after babies and furry ones, flowers are definitely the next perfect thing. What are those dark magenta blooms? They are fabulous!

Tina said...

Very beautiful flowers! :) LG Tina