Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - with not a smidgeon of color.

PhoSh Bonnie Sandler 002-2 blog

I just love white tulips (I planted hundreds the fall before we 'thought' we were going to China for Milana. I pictured coming home to a garden full of tulip blooms.

A few years later we arrived home in August (it's still a bit of a blur) but I have enjoyed my tulips each spring - they remind me of the gift of patience.

And how much we're rewarded for that patience.

PhoSh Bonnie Sandler 013-2 blog

However......white tulips do not convert well to black and white. They often become white blobs on a dark background. Not so interesting.

So, in Lightroom, where I do basic editing, color correction and tweeking, where I normall push the contrast lever right to the end - I did the opposite. So what happens is everything becomes muted BUT the shading comes out on the white tulip. But now it all looks dull with no contrast in the back. So I boost up the black and shading and some highlights all the way.

Then I took them into Photoshop, sharpened and then added a level layer. Very dark. Took a soft brush and painting on the shading so we can see the petals and details.


PhoSh Bonnie Sandler 006-2 blog

I added some lighter levels to the leaves to make them pop a bit too.

Now the following is not a tulip....or even a flower....but, oh baby....was he cute!

PhoSh Baby Jonathan 366-2 8x10 blog
This is Baby J who I had the pleasure of shooting a few weeks ago. What a cutie-bum.
PhoSh Baby Jonathan 342-2 8x10 blog
Took some doing to get him to sleep, but so worth it.

PhoSh Baby Jonathan 267-3 8x10 blog

I'll posting more of this cutie when I finally get my photography site up. I'm rounding the corner now. Should be in a few days.

PhoSh Baby Jonathan 335-2 8x10 blog
And wait till you see those eyes in color. You could fall into those baby blues - they are so gorgeous.

PhoSh Bonnie Sandler 016-2 blog

PhoSh Bonnie Sandler 002-2 blog lens flare
( I cheated....the lens flare is colored.)

Make sure you visit Lisa's blog for some beautiful photography.

the long road

And Happy Wednesday!


Life with Kaishon said...

You are so smart with photoshop : )
A photoshopping genius!

Wanda said...

Thanks Becky.....It's Lisa - she inspired me!

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Oh gosh......they're all so beautiful!!!! And I agree...editing genius.....NOT me (yet?).

We Four Explorers said...

Wow! I LOVE tulips.
And as for that sweet baby, those eyes are incredible.
Have a great week,

Terri said...

I agree with Becky!
All of these are just beautiful! You. Are. Good!

MarieElizabeth said...

Just beautiful! Thanks for explaining what you did, I love learning from such talented folks.

Linda Makiej said...

Beautiful photo work here!! :) love the black and white....

Love Letters To China said...

Gorgeous Wanda! Love those baby pics too. Such a cutie pie. Hope to talk next week for sure. Just got back from the grocery store with all the essentials to make a sick little girl happy...Cheetos, sugar cookies, cherry cough drops & blue Gatorade. :-)


Gail said...

Amazing, Wanda!!!! Love the flowers.
But that baby boy is just precious. What a sweet little mouth. I'm sure his mamma was delighted with these!!!


redmaryjanes said...

Beautiful Wanda!

Our family said...

You have such an incredible eye! Stunning Wanda!