Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Black and White Wednesday " My ballerina" !

Ballet show 2011 090 blog BW

I can hardly believe that Dahlia has been in ballet for 5 full years. When she was a tumbling, only happy when flying through the air, 3 year old - I never would have thought she would have had the patience for ballet. Having her bff at her side through each class and concert hasn't hurt one bit, of course.

(I've been getting some private messages that people are having trouble commenting. Sometimes blogger is in a funny mood. Sorry.)

Ballet show 2011 094 blog
(They danced to the music of "The good, the bad and the ugly".)

And so....it was ballet recital time again this past week-end. I remember the first one so well. Tear stained cheeks and hands shaking I could hardly hold my camera still. I was so thrilled to be sitting in the audience - watching my shy, cling-on little one flitting around on the big stage in front of about 1,000 people.

(And to think that Milana will be starting her ballet classes in the fall. Boggles the mind.)

Ballet show 2011 083 blog

I guess stage nerves take a while to kick in. This year Dahlia wasn't shy about expressing just how nervous she gets backstage, waiting to go on. She told me "Mom....when I'm waiting, my teeth chatter" (Gave my heart a little lurch.)

Ballet show 2011 120-2 blog

So this year, I spent some time trying to calm her and reassure her. I said " try and think about just Mommy and Daddy out there in the audience - and how proud we are of you ". And her reply " Yeah, yeah.....and everyone else is naked !!! "


Ballet show 2011 118 blog

Have a look at Lisa's blog for some beautiful photography this week.

the long road

This lovely young dancer really caught my eye and I was frantically snapping away - trying to be discreet. No cameras are permitted (WHAT??!) so discretion is....ummmm....necessary. I understand no flash of course, but no cameras? Yeah right. With a hall full of parents - what are they thinking?

Ballet show 2011 166 +tooth cropped blog BW

I had my ISO up around 2,000 and shutter speed only at about 1/160 so as to get as much light as possible - thus the noise (grain).

Ballet show 2011 177 cropped blog BW

Twice, someone came over to me to tell me to put my camera away. I nodded politely and kept on snapping.

Ballet show 2011 169 cropped blog BW

Ballet show 2011 185 cropped blog BW

Wow....she was lovely!

Ballet show 2011 121 blog

As were these munchkins, of course!

Ballet show 2011 090 blog

Mommy and Daddy are very proud of our big "baby" girl !

Happy Wednesday.


Life with Kaishon said...

She is such an amazing little dancer. She looks awesome up there on stage. 1,000 people. I can't even imagine.

Are you serious? They don't let people take pictures? That is pure craziness Wanda! I would smile politely and keep on doing exactly what you did if they told me that. Ridiculous in every way!

PS These pictures look awesome for having such a high ISO. WOW!

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, Wanda --You must have been such a proud momma that night! Dahlia looks so lovely.

And you got some wonderful shots even if you had to shoot on the sly! :)

We were told that we were not allowed to take pictures either at Z's recital, but at the last minute they decided we could as long as we didn't use flash.

Heidi said...

These are just stunning in black and white!

Michelle said...

Oh so cute!! And those b&w's are amazing! Especially since you had to be sneaky ;D I would've kept on snapping too!

Gail said...

Wanda, First of all....1000 people!!! Anyone would be a little nervous. I know you're incredibly proud of your girl, she's so beautiful and looks happy on stage!

All of them are stunning!!!

The dance pics of Grace's recital were shot at the rehearsal, they also didn't allow cameras. Good for you, sneaky mamma!! :)


Wanda said...

Gail - I find 1,000 easier to handle than 5. You can get lost with 1,000. Just look for the light.

Jimh. said...

How much ambient light was available? Was it a spotlight? If these are without a flash, they are spectacular (JUST FOR EXPOSURE)! Apart from that they are spectacular. :)

redmaryjanes said...

I love all of the photos! Ballet recitals are such fun. She looks just beautiful!

CM said...

So adorable! Wow, she is so brave, just look at her, you wouldn't even be able to tell that she gets nervous.

Those shots are awesome! You must be using a zoom lens? And without any light, that is incredible!

Kayce said...

I can not wait for Jenny to start ballet! Your pictures are just amazing Wanda!! So glad you took your camera!

Wanda said...

CM and Jimh - I used my 18-200 zoom on my Nikon D300. There was no ambient light except for stage lights and spots that kept moving and changing. I exposed at +2 and my f/stop was around 3.5. And I spot metered too. It helps the zoom. And then edited them like mad.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures....

Love Letters To China said...

Spectacular Wanda! You did an amazing job. We're not allow to take pictures at Nat's dance recital either. I'm always taking them backstage since I help out. It's definitely a different perspective from the sidelines.

All I can say is you really out did yourself. What wonderful memories you now have to look back on. :-)


p.s. We need to set up another day to chat. Let me know when a good time is for you.

Barbara said...

Beautiful photos. The B&Ws are gorgeous. I absolutely love the spotlight in the first photo.

Ellie said...

oh my goodness! she's beautiful and amazing. and WOW. I love these photos! I'm putting Tia in ballet purely for the selfish reason of loving the recitals!

ps I hope you can pass along those photos of that dancer to her - she is gorgeous and you captured her amazingly!!!

xo ellie

Ellie said...

ps too funny about Dahlia's "everyone else is naked" comment!! lol.

Valeria said...

Wow!!!! Great shots and I love love love the B&W. You did a great job with such a beautiful light.

Maddy said...

Love the B&W of the ballerina! And Dahlia is just too cute! Glad you were able to sneak in a few shots :)

Mahmee said...

Pretty fabulous shots. Looks like you are right on the stage. And you did all of that while sneaking? You are my idol.
R has a ballet recital next Saturday. Should be fun.

Raymonde said...

Amazing shots! I would probably have my camera confiscated here. The law about taking pictures of children in public places is insane.

Your daughter is lovely and I can see the energy right to her finger tips.

My daughter started when she was three and still going strong at 17! Dance has given her so many opportunities to travel and do shows in amazing places. Keep it up.

Take care. xxx

Alyson and Ford said...

Your photography is amazing! Brilliant and beautiful!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I could not leave without quickly leaving you a note on these photos.... LOVE THEM!! Oh my goodness, look at your little dancer! She looks like she is totally in her element up there on that stage:)

You captured some amazing shots Wanda..WOWSA!!!