Monday, November 29, 2010

TODAY! "I think I hear Jingle Bells."

...and we definately had our first Santa sighting.

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 429

We still don't really have any snow to speak of.....

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 216

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 186

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 190

...but nothing can hold back our need to see the man in the red suit.

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 394

During the (ever so humble, yet long) Santa Clause parade in downtown Montreal, Milana had to be held so she could see past the tall heads in front. Dahlia had prime real estate through a little opening between the crowd but Milana had to perch on top of the back of her stroller - but really she was dead weight in my arms. She even toppled over once but landed softly as the people were packed in so tight (Good thing!)

So, she was in one arm, my (heavy with zoom lens) camera held high in the other hand, trying to grab some kind of a shot. Result: blurry -at best - shots and one very tired set of arms.

Over all result: happy kids = happy mama.

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 309

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 304

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 296

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 254

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 405

And finally....the man in red himself. (Just as my arms were ready to give out.)

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 414

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 228

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 229

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 008-3

So, Sweet Thing is officially three years old and we did not have a big shin-dig (for a change).
We'll be doing the princess/fairy thing a bit later.

We kept it simple.
And honestly?

I loved it!

I actually got to watch and take some pics and just chill and I could definately get used to that. (Feel free to remind me that I said that. A-hem.)

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 004

We had a tiny chocolate cake, so Sissy got to carry it in by herself. I love the concentration on her face.

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 005

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 007

the long road

Joining Lisa today for this photo challenge.

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 008

Making a wish!

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 011

Dig in kid!

Milana's B-day - Santa Parade 012

And enjoy being 3


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - " Milana is 3 !!! "

...on Thursday, November 18th.
It seems I blinked and a year whizzed past me.

Christmas dress try-out 100

This little girl, who was so quiet and sad and clingy has morphed into this
(so, so pretty, if I do say so myself) larger than life, bundle of joy.

And she's just so happy!! Happy, happy, happy almost all the time!
When she sees food, she fairly shrieks with glee. As we leave the front door, she bounds out and down the steps with so much energy as if to say "Hey's me. I'm here!!!" Whenever she sees any of us, even if she saw us 5 minutes before, she'll run up and give hugs. At her school when I pick her up - she shrieks and jumps like a monkey into my arms, sounds tumbling out trying to show me her new pigtails or a drawing - leaps out of my arms again and hugs every little kid left in the classroom and all, yes all the teachers and director before leaving, bouncing down the stairs shrieking with total euphoria.

(I should bottle and sell it.)

She's a whirlwind. (I'm hearing strains of "how do you solve a problem like Maria?".) And most days we are panting (Dahlia too) to keep up with her.

Christmas dress try-out 040-2

Milana - our 3 year old - is living up to her nickname - Miss Wild Thang - very well!
The only thing she's not really doing is talking much. And we're working on that.

Here is where she began.

I can hardly look at this picture (taken in our hotel room in China).
Those eyes - they say it all!

China (and home) Aug 09 077

clara-eve Sept09 004
Then newly home.
Milana's b-day Nov18,09 036

Milana's b-day Nov18,09 037-2
Then it was Milana's 2nd birthday.
Milana's b-day Nov18,09 005

Milana's b-day Nov18,09 011

Milana's b-day Nov18,09 010

Milana's b-day Nov18,09 009

Milanas b-day party Nov09 030 - Copy - Copy-2

ChristmasDay2009 104

ChristmasDay2009 083

It is Wednesday too, so pop over to Lisa's and check out all the other captures today.
the long road

Milana Jan18,10 069-2

In the new year, Milana really started to blossom.

Milana Jan18,10 132-2

Portrait gift boxes 015

Flowers - Girls 337

Flowers - Girls 342

Christmas dress try-out 100-2

What a precious gift you are Milana. You brighten up even the dullest day, make our heads spin and yet your spirit is so soft.

Christmas dress try-out 040

Look out world - Milana is turning 3!!!

Happy Birthday sweet thing!

Monday, November 15, 2010

TODAY! "Snaps of my big Girl's day out with Mom"

Downtown with Dahlia 103

Lunch - downtown Montreal with my Big Girl.

Downtown with Dahlia 104
Downtown with Dahlia 105
Downtown with Dahlia 106
So.....I ordered a Caesar Salad and offered "a bite" to Dahlia. Never wanting to try something new she resisted....and then gave in.

I didn't get my salad back. She loved it.

Downtown with Dahlia 109
Yes, I sacrificed my longing for those croutons and creamy dressing. I'm a Mother. I ate yesterday, right? (wink, wink)

Downtown with Dahlia 110

Downtown with Dahlia 112


Downtown with Dahlia 113

....was what she had ordered.

Downtown with Dahlia 115

Downtown with Dahlia 117

She shared a bit with me while diving into her fries. (Wha'...? You don't order fries with your tortellini in your corner of the world?)


Downtown with Dahlia 142

Then it was on to bigger and better things.

Downtown with Dahlia 130

Oh my!

Downtown with Dahlia 128

We'll of everything please!

Downtown with Dahlia 127 was a good day!

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