Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - "Still dizzy........

......from our two day romp with Dita and her Darlings!

Dita and Darlings visit 131-2

Actually, I can't wipe the grin off my face or the warmth from my heart!

They arrived, appropriately attired in the requisite colors. (Huh?....oh, you didn't know that it is required? Consider yourself warned. ;D )

Dita and Darlings visit 004
And it didn't take long before the cameras were whipped out. This is Dita, standing in our, what I call, the tiniest powder room in the world. Dita disagreed. She had one even smaller in Holland.

Dahlia had more fun than she ever has had.
She and Wonderboy romped like little puppies the whole time.

LR&PS edited
We're looking at a real puppy crush here. I think I remember similar feelings when I was almost eight. I just wasn't ready to see them spilling out of my "baby" quite so soon. Sigh.........
Dita and Darlings visit 096
It really was a thrill to finally meet these two darling kids. "Sweetie" lived up to her name perfectly. What a little lady. Very busy here with her stickers. Serious business!
LR&PS edited1

Dita and Darlings visit 060
It would be safe to say the kiddos did not stop for the two days. And the capturing of all this activity didn't stop either. I know Dita has way more pictures than I do and she'll be sharing hers too.
Dita and Darlings visit 018

And what can I say about this man? I'm renaming him Mr. Dreamy! JR is not cutting it for me.

Dita and Darlings visit 091
Yeah, Mr Dreamy with a heart so warm and such a soft spirit. What a pleasure. Of course, Dan & he gabbed away most of the time 'cause Dita and I were kinda busy chasing kids, picking up and stealing moments away to play on the computer with our pics and Photoshop and our beloved Lightroom. ( We owe Lightroom the thanks for bringing us together so we needed to pay homage. kidding)

Dita and Darlings visit 282-2

Dita and Darlings visit 154-2

Dita and Darlings visit 238

Dita and Darlings visit 127
Gorgeous, or what?

Dita and Darlings visit 267
The kids doing "cheers" with their sparkling cider. I don't know where they learnt that?

Dita and Darlings visit 037-2

What a great visit we had from a beautiful family, inside and out.

I feel a road trip coming on, sometime in our future. Hmmm...... somewhere south, I think!

Dita and Darlings visit 131

the long road
Check out all the black and white (and even some color) photography at Lisa's.

And have a happy Wednesday!


Bailey said...

Wow, beautiful photos! The groups shots are great, and Mr. Dreamy... ahhhhh.

Livsnjutaren said...

Wow,lovely pictures. And outch the grown up boys (I´m drewling).

Dita said...

What can I say...seeing the beautiful photos of our wonderful trip up North just makes me wish we were still there.

You captured so many great moments here. I have so many photos and I will be posting this week (I was planning on posting tonight but you can thank VALERIE for me NOT posting since she had me on the phone all night long...she said you had me all weekend and I could at least give her one evening!)

You, Dan and the girls were such wonderful hosts and we can't wait to see all 4 of you again very soon.

Thank you for rolling out the red carpet and making every single thing perfect on this very special weekend.

We will always fondly remember our trip to Maison Malfara!

Love you,

Audrey @ said...

What a great GREAT photos! I love the bottle shot with the glass.

Raymonde said...

It looks as if you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

Have a beautiful week. xxx

Erika B said...

So many great shots! Beautiful BW and you can tell that everyone had a great time.

Erika B

Love Letters To China said...

I knew you guys would have a wonderful time together. It's amazing how this crazy world of blogging/adoption has brought so many people together. I hope we have a chance to meet in person one of these days. :-)

Love all of your pics. The kids certainly look like they had a great time together (the big kids look like it too).


Kayce said...

What a blast! You guys look like you had a great time and all those pics are fabulous!!

Valerie said...

Wow, that looks like a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Two gorgeous families. I wish I lived closer and had the right clothing (I didn't know the rule ;-)

I would like to say that phone records would reflect that Dita dialed me and refused to let me off the phone as a means to postpone putting up her photos, I am but a pawn in this game called blogger. We spent the whole time talking about what a wonderful time she had up North with the Canuks.

You all are so lucky to live in such close proximity. If I got in my car and drove for 4 or 5 hours do you know I would still be in TEXAS? (this is an SOS for help somebody get me out of this mini country within a country).


Ashley Sisk said...

This looks like such a wonderful visit and I really enjoyed looking through all of the pictures. Yay!

Wanda said...

Hey Val.....adding you to the mix would have made it even more the merrier. And I just had a brainflash (happens now and then). Ummm......ever looked up in the sky and saw something like a big bird flying? Those are planes and they actually fly up here too. In case you were ever inclined. Ahem!

Love you.......

7th heaven: 4Chinadolls 1gentleboy said...

Such Beautiful pics...and You are one good LOOKING Bunch{smile}

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Your shots are beautiful!

I love the one with Dita and the little girl on her lap - GORGEOUS is right!


Lisa said...

And these are wonderful too!!! They captured the pure bliss of friendships for kiddos and the big folk too!!! :)

Now I feel a wee bit envious also....hey, its not pretty, but its true!!! :) *smile*

Jboo said...

Wow -- what fun you all had! Gorgeous photos and beautiful kids and grown-ups too! :)
Thanks for sharing!


Mahmee said...

Two lovely families! Wow.

Marla said...

Yes, SOUTH, like Texas!!!

It looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend, I LOVE each and every picture. And stay away from the Hot Colombian, he's all mine! LOL! Well, after Dita is done with him, anyway. :)

Donna said...

Oh my gosh, these are BEAUTIFUL! What a fun time you guys had! I'm deeply, deeply envious!!

So, when are you coming to San Francisco? Hmmm?


Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Lisa said...

WOW! What a beautiful group you all make! Wonderful photos of such a great time :) WOW! This world is getting smaller and smaller all the time.

Gail said...

What a fabulous weekend you shared...Mr. Dreamy is WOWIE!!!! And gorgeous pics of all of you!
You captured it so well Wanda.

If you ever get to the Chicago area, let me know. I'm 2 hours away and would love to meet!!!


Mrs.D said...

fun memories....:) lovely shots....:)

thanks for dropping by on my B&W Wednesday.

Terri said...

What an awesome weekend you had and what a gorgeous group you all are!
I agree about Dita's hubby...My Dreamy!!!!

jeffkny said...

Beautiful photos and family. Nice.

Buckeroomama said...

Aww, so great that you get to get together with a good bloggy friend and her family! =)

LOL at the "puppy love" remark about Dahlia!

JinXiu said...

Great shot, great memories and great friends. what could be better

Our family said...

Oh what a lovely looking visit for TWO lovely families! So glad that you had this time together!

xo Jen

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

This looks like you guys had a blast!!! And that puppy love...I remember it too but I agree...I am NOT ready for my girls to have it just yet! Great photographs as usual...simply amazing!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

I mean they're all amazing, but that shot you snapped of Dita, is I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E


M3 said...

Dang, that is one good-looking group!!! :-)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH MY WANDA!!! You captured the weekend perfectly!! You are one GORGEOUS GROUP!!! I am so happy that you set the timer and got eveyone in the shot....AWESOME!

I can only imagine the fun you had with Dita and the Darlings! They are such a great family.... and both JR and Dita have hearts of gold....and the kids?? What can I cuteness!!

Next time yes, you need to come south.... Texas would be great, just pick us up on the way!

Hugs to you my friend. You totally rocked the camera and the post processing:)



Maxabella said...

What a heartwarming story, Wanda. I love it when two families come together and it's friendship all round. Your images have captured the spirit of that wonderfully.

Nice to meet you via the Nestwork. x

Ellie said...

You are incredibly blessed! I love the photos - it is so fun to see two of my favorite bloggers together!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Hopping over from Dita's blog...

I didn't think she could look anymore beautiful than she usually does but you sure caputured some great shots of Dita...just gorgeous! Wow! And hey...who can blame anyone for falling head over heels with Wonder Boy? :) You can see how giddy your daughter was...too sweet! Thank you for sharing your amazing weekend as two drop dead gorgeous families come together in their black and white. Love it!