Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Centre Nature 2 plus 154-3 Dahlia! (I know, I'm hopelessly corny).

Centre Nature 2 plus 153-2
On Monday night, Dahlia (daughter - just in case there was any question) was so anxious for me to take some pictures of "her" Dahlia flower. I said the morning light might be better.

First thing this morning - I open my eyes and she's standing over me, saying "it's morning....the light is right". She must have been thinking about it all night. (Yikes, I think I've created a monster.)

So I stumble to get my camera and we go to the patio and take a couple of pictures. (I had my exposure set too high so they're slightly off.)

Dahlia is then yanking on my arm to go back upstairs to put them on the computer so she can see them and I can edit them for...her words......"Black and White Wednesday Mommy....everybody will gasp when they see the size of my Dahlia!!"

So....are y'all gasping? (She'll want to know.)

gCentre Nature 2 plus 157-2

Centre Nature 2 plus 155-3
I messed around with the color here.
Centre Nature 2 plus 155-2
Isn't it interesting what goes on in their little minds. I'm constantly surprised, bemused and delighted.

Stop over to Lisa's for more photo fun.
the long road

This week-end we went to our friend's house and Daddy got his girls into the pool. (Well....all except his big girl....that would be me. What? Someone had to take the pictures.)
Centre Nature 2 plus 119-2

Centre Nature 2 plus 061-2
And guess who LOVES the water?
Centre Nature 2 plus 090-2

Centre Nature 2 plus 131-2

Oh yes....she does!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bienvenue.........chez nous !!

Re-no 005's done!

Re-no 003

After 3 long months, I'm happy to say our renovation is done. (The "ish" is still a few door frames, base boards, a little painting, decor and....oh yeah...a MASSIVE amount of cleaning (cough, sputter, choke) and unpacking to do.

My poor garden is calling me and the kiddies could handle a little more Mommy time but the big stuff is done (read - I'm never doing this again!!).
I'm grateful because I really love it. I LOVE IT!!! Hear me?
So....let's start at the front door.

Re-no 050

Re-no 054
The foyer.
Re-no 037
View from the back.
Re-no 080
And now....drum roll please

Ma cuisine.
Re-no 082

Re-no 009

Re-no 024

Re-no 018

Re-no 065
Little touches ( I used ever last square inch).
Re-no 112

Re-no 113

Re-no 115
See in the corner? My very first and favorite cookbook.

Re-no 117

Re-no 100
Little tea sets - brought back from China.
Re-no 107
And my favorite - purchased quickly and oh -so -guiltily from a tea house in Beijing.
(I could stare at that chubby shape all day.)

Ahem.....for those of you who need a potty break....or just a are excused. I know this is long but it is my one and only last renovation so I'm showing it all.

Re-no 091
Drawers, drawers and more drawers.

Love, love, love!!!
Re-no 089

Re-no 093

Re-no 099

Re-no 127
I'm in love with my faucet.
Re-no 133

Re-no 137
My kitchen is not big - but I like it that way. I'm a solo cook and everything is within arms or a few steps reach. So get out of my way 'cause I can fly.

And my diningroom is very large so this size kitchen is perfect for me/us.

Re-no 138

Re-no 139

Re-no 025
And the (old library) now family room - connected so I can see everything and we can all be together. Walls and closets and a powder room were removed and re-located to get this view.
Re-no 075
And I spend a fair amount of time just staring and grinning.
Park playdate and reno 278
All CD's and DVD's and toys and games are tucked away. Just my beloved books hold center stage. We use to have our piano in here too. We sold it (along with a whack of recording equipment) and bought a little beauty which I'll reveal later. It's in the loft - where we lived for the better part of 3 months - so there's no way any human eyes will see that cacophonous area except us for awhile.
Park playdate and reno 243

Park playdate and reno 242

Park playdate and reno 238

Park playdate and reno 239

Did I mention I love my books?

(This is about a quarter of them. I gave/threw away about half of what I originally had in this room and we have book cases in the loft, my art studio, and Dan's office too. And Dahlia's collection is....ummm.......pretty big and growing.

I don't have to say it!))
2010-05-18 Park playdate and reno
My all-time favorite book is on this shelf. Can you guess?
Park playdate and reno 257
Park playdate and reno 266
I don't know why....I just loved this book. Period.

Well, that's it! I still have to finish up the powder room and a few other things which I'll show later. (That is if you're into powder rooms.)

Re-no 001

And to all those who have sympathized and waited patiently - thank you.

And if you're renovating....well....God bless you!

And may the force be with you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Black and White Wednesday "A tiny tease"

Park playdate and reno 230

So, our endless renovation is just about finished, tomorrow should be nice and sunny so I'll grab my camera and go crazy.

I'll post the finished product on Thursday. Meanwhile, for Lisa's black and white theme - I thought I'd give you a tiny preview.....just to whet your appetite.

the long road

Family room mantle. Just a quick peek.
Park playdate and reno 232

Park playdate and reno 273-2

Park playdate and reno 274
And my favorite part of our new kitchen. ( of them.)

Park playdate and reno 288

Park playdate and reno 285
There's the tease.
More on Thursday.