Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday

Things to be thankful for.
Where to start?

Check out this mama's cool site. She's got it going on.

These two monkeys darlings are the sunshine of my life.

I could just sit and watch them monkey play around forever. I'm constantly diving for my camera, most of the time the wrong lens is on and I have no time to set anything so I just grab what I can.

backyard fun 059
But I'm thankful that I get to be their Mom and they let me watch their lttle adventure. (And grab what I can as they wiz past me.)
backyard fun 052

backyard fun 044

Today, I'm especially thankful for Milana's courage. Today, I left her for the first time (except for with Daddy) in almost a year. (For 25 minutes.)

Today, Milana began her first (tiny) day at pre-school. And she, no we did great! It's a place where I had put my name in a long time ago, very close to home and I really wanted to get her in. Very reasonably priced, very flexible with a great educative program.

When they called about 2 months ago and said a spot was free, I grabbed it but asked if I could start her really slowly. Just a few hours at first and gradually increase it. Because Milana is a "cling-on" child, I've gotten nothing done in the past year and I really need to start some painting and a few other projects (wink,wink) so my hope was by this coming fall - she would be comfortable with 3 or 4 mornings a week.

That's the plan and today gave me some hope that we'll make it. It's hard for any kid to separate but for adopted kids (with in my case, a lot of baggage), it's extra hard.

I'm proud of my little trooper.

Update: Day 2.....started out a little shaky as predicted. She screamed for 2 minutes after I closed the door and then....silence. When I returned 25 minutes later, she was sitting on the teachers lap, surounded by about 8 other kiddos and guess who was orchestrating playtime? Yup....Milana. She was so busy pointing to everyone to do such and such (not with words but with very clear actions) and was so engaged she didn't even notice me. When she finally did, about 2 mintues later, she broke out in a huge grin and scrambled to show me everything she had accomplished. A puzzle, a drawing and stickers on a paper.

I exhaled!

backyard fun 043
And very thankful!

backyard fun 016
I'm thankful that I can sit in my backyard (not for long in this 100 degree heat) and watch my birds. Especially my cardinals. (Though I have to fill this feeder. What kind of mother is that?)
backyard fun 078

backyard fun 086
I love my backyard - not because it is pristine, because it is definately not, especially this year - but because it is private. And it's mine!
backyard fun 090

(see the sawdust?....I'll explain.)

It's my little haven and nobody can see anything (but us). But, my garden has been becoming more and more of a shade garden because of my two huge lime trees - over 50 feet tall each. Great for privacy - but they really block the sun. And they're so big I can't get anyone to cut them without taking out a morgage to pay them (joke).

Problem solved. Our hydro people came by on Monday and said - "time to cut back those trees - they're covering the hydro wires". "Oh, alright" I said......"cut if you must".
backyard fun 091
So yes, they're downright ugly right now but in a few years will fill in a bit. Meanwhile we have lovely dappled sun in our backyard again.
backyard fun 077
And my roses......
backyard fun 074
....and hydrangeas and a hundred other flowers will thank me ( hydro people) for it.
backyard fun 066

Yes....much to be thankful for!


Mama Hen said...

Wanda this post is absolutely beautiful! Where do I begin? First, I am proud of your little trooper also! I know when we began preschool I was the one that had a tough time "letting go". My daughter also had a bit of an adjustment to make. She never had a babysitter and has always been with Mama Hen, so this was quite a transition. Now she loves it! So good for Milana! The birdhouses are super. We love watching the finch birds every day outside of our window! I love all of these pictures! Beautiful post my friend! :) I will go add your link!

Mama Hen

Amy said...

Look at these lovely little ladies, splashing and having a great time! I am jealous; I might have to get my own Little Mermaid inflatable pool. ;)

That's great that Milana is starting preschool. It'll boost her social development and give you some alone time.

Love Letters To China said...

Yay for Milana and you! I know how hard that first day is. The second one might even be a little harder, but they get easier after that. I think it's great that she's going to be attending preschool. It has helped my little one dramatically over the past year. He has blossomed into a child that is sweet, loving and so social. And boy are those couple of hours wonderful for mommy too! ;-)

Your garden is beautiful. I'm so jealous that you are able to grow such lovely flowers during the summer. Our weather is so hot and humid now all my flowers are long gone. I also might add those bathing beauties are so cute splashing around in their pool!


Lisa said...

3 cheers for the darling Miss M.!! That is a huge step ~ really for the both of you! I don't think a Mama ever forgets the first time stepping back and watching them go...even for just a bit! I'm so proud of you both!

Your backyard is simply enchanting ~ just when I thought it couldn't get any more lovely or charming, I spotted the living archway & trellis. Ahhhh...bliss....

A perfect spot for Mama to play with her best girls and for said girls to giggle, splash, frolick and conspire together as girls do best!

Such beauties too....I never ever tire of seeing those faces!!

Keep us posted on the transition and my fingers are crossed ~ you deserve some time too!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

you have a lot to be thankful for : ) Your girls are gorgeous!!!! And whoo hoo to your little one!!!! Addison has a very hard time separating from me : (
I think your backyard is beautiful!!! I love all the flower pictures.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

HOORAY for Milana!! That is a big step.....I know what it is like because I had a "cling on" child as well.....believe it or not, Nick!! We had some major separation anxiety issues and it went on for a long time. You would never know it now because he is such an outgoing kid.

You do have so much to be thankful for have a beautiful family and a lovely life!!

Do you know what today is..... The two week mark......WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Or maybe I should have said "whoop de doodle too"

So glad to see you girls are just as excited as I am:)

Have a wonderful weekend~



Gail said...

Beautiful pics Wanda, love them all.

And miss Grace was a very clingy little girl going way back. We transitioned into preschool slowly, and in time she became more confident and blossomed. Just like your little one will too!

Your backyard and flowers are beautiful, love the hydrangeas!

Have a great weekend.

Gail :)

CM said...

Wow, congrats on preschool...what an accomplishment. I know it was hard, but it gets easier. She'll be fine!

Love your peaceful and serene. Perfect place for inspiration!

Mama Hen said...

Hey Wanda, thank you for stopping by. We had so much fun today! I hope you are enjoying your summer! I love surprises and enjoy when I can surprise my daughter, because she is always so excited! :) Have a great night! Is it just as hot by you? Ugh! Stay cool and enjoy your day tomorrow!

Mama Hen

jeannette said...

Darling little girls - they seem so happy!
When we boarded the plane in Beijing back to L.A. we were surrounded by 5 couples who had just adopted a Chinese baby. They all started crying at the same time with take-off, but soon quieted down, and were very good for the rest of the 15 hour trip!
BTW I am Dutch, but my son is teaching English in China - are you confused yet?

Our family said...

Oh Wanda... Reading your words and love for your family is like a hug for the heart...

Yes, you are very blessed! And I know I am, as I can proudly call you a friend.

So happy for you xoxo

Mama Hen said...

Hey Wanda, I passed on an award to you! You deserve it! I hope you are having a great weekend!

Mama Hen

She Writes said...

Children and water, magic :)!

3D said...

Wonderful pics and wonderful progress.

Keep smilin!

Alyson and Ford said...

You always have beautiful pictures, no matter the subject! The girls look delighted to have their backyard water fun!
I know what you mean about not getting any projects done!

Happy Summer!
Alyzabeth's Mommy

Maria Mcclain said...

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Mahmee said...

Congrats on the preschool progress...that's a toughie. I absolutely CAN-NOT show this post to R as she will covet that Ariel pool and I will be charged to somehow find it...and I just ain't got the energy right now. Enjoy the splashes of fun!

Mary Lou said...

Pretty soon she will be bored at home and asking to go play with her friends every day.
Precious days and precious photos.

Dita said...


I loved this post. Sisterhood, Mommy letting go, Milana gettin' her groove on at school, Mommy realizing its time to get some of herself back (our upcoming weekend will do that for sure), even that gorgeous yard of yours getting back and/or coming into its own just like the girls that inhabit it (that includes the Mama Girl!)
Hmmm, now I see another place for our cocktails...outside by the pool with the kids and the privacy to chat, drink our vino and chat on all things girl!