Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - "Lovin' my new lens" !

When I got my Nikon D300 last year I also bought a great lens - an 18-200 mm which I kinda love.

But just before last Christmas I picked up a real little beauty - the 50 mm 1:1:4. It's a portrait lens and while I loved it at first because the lens was so open, I used it rarely because I wanted the flexibility of zooming in and out, especially with moving targets children.

But Lisa has been inspiring a few of us to try this type of lens and close down the aperature a bit to get more of the subject in focus. I'd only used it inside under very controlled circumstances (and threats of death if anyone moved).

Last Sunday I took that little baby and my Dahlia outside on a very windy day and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Dahlia - my model 210-2

Dahlia - my model 126-2

Dahlia - my model 144-2

Dahlia - my model 135

Dahlia - my model 123

Dahlia - my model 121

Dahlia - my model 126

Dahlia - my model 098-3

Dahlia - my model 135-2

Dahlia - my model 210
Yup, I'm lovin' that lens and my sweet girl that I see through it!

Joining Lisa and some pretty awesome photographers.
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Dita said...

Wanda, these images are so crisp and clean. I love the portraits and I can't decide which I like better, the black and white or the color. They are both so expressive. I can see the catchlights in Dahlia's eyes so clearly in both versions.

I am glad you are enjoying that lens. Sometimes its the second time around that we find the beauty in the things we've had in our hands all along...just like life!

3 more weeks, Baby!

Kayce said...

I just love these images and I LOVE that lens! I too got one about a month ago and have not stopped clicking since! Now I just need to find time to process pictures! Beautiful pictures as always Wanda. Happy Wednesday!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

HOORAY!!! I am so happy you picked up your 50 and gave it a try after our discussions on the board:)

These photos are GORGEOUS.....they are very sharp and perfectly in focus!! I think you did a fantastic job......and Dahlia.....Just BEAUITFUL inside and out!! I love how her little personality comes shining through in this series!!

I am so excited Wanda...we ae in the homestretch!! Only a few more weeks:)



Love Letters To China said...

Yay Wanda!! That's my all time favorite lens. I use mine 99% of the time. Your photos this week look awesome. I can definitely see a big difference in the clarity. So glad you decided to switch it up and try something new.


Jo said...

I'm with everyone else ~ love that lens and use it most of the time.

The photos are beautiful but I'm lovin the one with her hands on her hips ~ personality! :)

Have a great week ~

Gail said...

Well my fellow Nikon girl, you and me love the 50mm it's obvious!! These are stunning Wanda...and the focus so sharp! I also highly recommend the 85 mm 1.4, an incredible portrait lens...those 2 fixed lenses are my current favorites.

I love all the pics but since I'm a huge fan of portraits, my favs are the first and last ones of miss D.

I know you'll learn so much from Lisa at her upcoming workshop!

:) Gail

Life with Kaishon said...

I just love her. She is so pretty! What a great little model! I so want to borrow her for an hour :) I love that you had to threaten her so she wouldn't move : ) I can see why you wouldn't love using that quite as much with a fast moving toddler : )

Wishing you the most lovely of days sweet Wanda!

JinXiu said...

the 50 is one of my favorite lens. i can see from you amazingly beautiful shots ( not to forget the stunninly beautiful subjects- you really cant go wrong with any lens having thouse beauties around) you have mastered it. brovo to you.

Amy said...

Gorgeous photos, as usual! I particularly love the first b&w - great levels of contrast and such clear lines.

Anonymous said...

It's a gorgeous lens, but even more so is your little girl! I still have my 50mm 1.8, but I'm already saving up my peanuts for an upgrade to the 1.4! That's my next pet project :) And yay for us Nikon gals! We're going to make quite the appearance at the workshop!

Christy said...

beautiful shots! I love the one where she's looking over her shoulder!

Lisa said...

BEATUTIFUL SHOTS!!! Is it the model or the lens that makes these pictures so nice??? I think it's the model.......she is just so beautiful :)

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Those are great photos! I have been toying with the idea of getting that lens but I am not a photographer. Novice or amateur, I still not! lol

Makes me want to take pics though when I see your photos. :)

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

So beautiful!! I think your focus is tack sharp..something I had a hard time with at first with this lens. And I love your subjec! The catchlights in her eyes are just stunning.

Lisa said...

Fantastic!! I adore the contrast of the black & white polka dots ( which I LOVE LOVE LOVE) and the venue/black white pics! AND then there is the pretty pretty girl!!

The shot of her with her hand on hip, peeking over her shoulder is just gorgeous, through & through! I can really see her spunk & spirit shining through!

AND yay for tackling a new are my photographer hero you know!!


Terri said...

Awesome pictures Wanda! As everyone said...very clear, sharp and beautiful!

I will learn alot from you at our workshop too! Super excited!!!!

The Mommy said...

Stunning photography as usual!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful shots! I'm partial to that lens and I use it 90% of the time. I love your last shot it so crisp and clean. Her eyes are just sparkling!

Mary Lou said...

She is a beautiful model and someday will be a grown beautiful model.
Love the lens work.

Ellie said...

Your little Dahlia cracks me up! She must brighten every moment of your days :) LOVE the catchlights! GREAT work . . . nothin' like gorgeous dark eyes with sparkly bright catchlighs! Your lens rocks - and you are rockin' it!!!!

Courtney said...

What a doll she is! I am working on getting my 50mm lens. Soon. Very soon. Great shots of your little angel!

Dave said...

She is gorgeous.

these are excellent shots on your 50mm, the focus is excellent and details tact sharp.

i have both these lenses and i prefer the 18-200mm due to its versatility, if you dont have the 50mm you can still get these shots with 18-200 by using a faster shutter speed, adjust the ISO setting accordingly, some minor setting adjustments and shot in RAW.

Briana's Mom said...

Definitely lovin' that lens of yours!! GORGEOUS pics!!!