Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh....just this and that......

....and some random silliness!

Feb19,2010 006

Feb19,2010 005

Feb19,2010 009
With all the toys (and toys and toys) and gadgets....a basket or a box is still the favorite toy. Especially with a little sissy to drag around.

And guess what we have here?
to Feb22,2010 002
Oh, yes.......any day now!
to Feb22,2010 004
Any guesses on when this baby will pop out? (She's been sticking it out all week-end and coming up to me saying "kiss the fang"!
And, of course, mother obliges.
Feb19,2010 001
Caught Zizi in a sweet moment.

Poor thing. We started our re-no TODAY! Oh my, the noise, the mess, my nerves.....will we survive? Poor Zizi has been closed up all day in our bedroom - and not very happy about it. We are "camping" - that's what we're calling it - in the loft with a makeshift kitchen. Stay tuned to see the level of our sanity. (Well....Mommy's anyway.)
I took some pictures today of the demolition and will do a post when I see some improvement. Nobody wants to see a mess without some hope of resolve. Well....especially me!

And so finally, below is another clue (gee, I'm subtle) to my 1 year blogiversary give-away coming up on March 1st. (Which my birthday too.)
to Feb22,2010 011
Happy Monday!


Ellie said...

I love it when my children play like that! so sweet. The tooth, well I suppose it could have come out already. We almost never see one that loose around here - they tend to yank them (or have Daddy do it!) as soon as it is wiggly at all :) My four are inspired by that tooth fairy! It is so fun, but I'm always a little sad when they start losing those teeth - they aren't so little any more :(

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH YEAH.... I was right!! It is going to be one of your paintings, isn't it???? CANNOT WAIT!!!

The girls are so cute playing with the laundry basket. I always said the same thing about my kids....they liked the boxes the toys came in better than the actual toy!

I hope you survive "camping"....I know it seems rough, but think of how wonderful it will be when it is all finished:) Hang in there my friend!! Looking forward to pictures of the progress:)

Have a great week!



Gail said...

I love this post Wanda. The girls in the laundry basket is so stinkin' cute.

As for the 'kiss my fang' with miss Dahlia, I almost peed my pants how she calls it her fang. I can relate with Grace as the tooth loosing thing is new to her and she has 2 'fangs' that wiggle back and forth on either side of her 2 new front teeth. I give Dahlia's fang about 3 days. Hope the tooth fairy is ready.;)

And now I'm getting REALLY excited about your giveaway!!!! yay!

Buckeroomama said...

Oh, what fun! Seriously, who needs expensive toys?

A friend's daughter's tooth was wobbly... and then after breakfast one morning, it was gone. They reckoned that it must have come off when she bit into some bread and she must have had swallowed it!

Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures of the girls!

Love Letters To China said...


My daughter did the same thing with her loose teeth. She waited until they basically fall into her hands. She refused to pull them out. Hope the Tooth Fairy is waiting on the sidelines because it's going to happen real soon!

I can't wait to see your before, during and after photos of your renovation. I remember living with our old refrigerator in the living room and the entire house blocked off by plastic Visqueen. Oh the dust was everywhere... we have a ranch style home so there was no escaping the mess. After all is said and done, I'm so glad we did it. Our kitchen is my favorite place to spend time.

Can't wait to see your giveaway... Oh it's going to be so exciting!

Lisa said...

lol Ah yes, welcome to the loose tooth club! We have actually prayed that one would finally come out, as it becomes impossible for them to eat, brush their teeth, etc. with a wiggly one! :) What a big milestone!

And reno.....oh, my heart goes out to you all! At least you have a place to "camp out" in style and I will be SO anxious to see the photos before & after!

Love the precious! I too love seeing those moments of unscripted and imaginative play!

Hugs to you during this crazy time!

the greek chinese connection said...

I just love the kiss the fang pictures!!!

And a give away ... mmm...intresting.

Enjoyed the day with you and Milana.

Remember to keep your "eyes on the prize"

luv u


Briana's Mom said...

Playing with the laundry basket is very big in our house! :) So cute!

That tooth is about to go any second! I don't know what I will do when Bri gets her first loose tooth. Pass out probably... :)

Our family said...

Kiss her fang! That is beyond cute Wanda!!!! I hope that all that wiggling is paying off and the tooth fairy soon flies through your reno, visits you during your 'camping' magic and of course leaves a little something special for your little fairy Princess!

Hang in there!!!!! :)))

xo Jen

Dita said...

That's always the way.....a toy closet full of toys and they play with the boxes, pots and pans or the laundry baskets! When will we adults ever learn.

Even in the house those two are in Black, White, Silver or crack me up!

Gotta love the Kiss the Fang! So glad Dahlia finally lost it last the tooth fairy coming?

The question is will ZiZi survive the ReNo?!

Can't wait to see the pictures.
Oh, and your clues aren't so subtle...Can't WAIT to see the PAINTING!


jenbusymom said...

That's so cute, my girls love being pilled around the house too! What a great picture of the cat, he's beautiful! Oh I remmember how terrible Caitlin's fang looked for about a week or so! Can't wait to see the project...and how sweet to be giving something so specal away and on your bday!

Mahmee said...

Just think, it's your chance to be the tooth FAIRY. Perfect, just perfect. I really love that pic of Milana just chillin' in the basket. That's a great one!
We've started a reno-light so, I feel (some of) your pain.

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Putting the youngest sibling in a basket is an old sibling game. I remember my daughter putting her baby brother in the basket and push him around on our tiled home. Man, she would run so fast and you would only hear loud giggles coming from both of them. <3

My daughter is waiting for her first tooth to come out. She still has all her baby teeth. I wonder how much the tooth fairy pays in Montreal? ;)

Great photos!