Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday's finds

It's Friday!
(somebody please tell me where the week....heck....the year has gone? Is it really February already?)

that means it's time to share some finds - hosted by Colleen here from The Crazy Eight site.

because I am so pretend to be so sophisticated, I thought I would share a very posh little gadget with you.

My new BFF.

Here it is!


Ta da!

Well, yes....this little baby and I have become very well acquainted this last week. In fact, one could say that this little apparatus has been where no man has gone before.

Who knew that little orifice (or is it orafie? No, orifices) could hold that much water.


But, besides this little titilation, this baby really works. I hang onto my colds like a mama bear hangs onto her cubs. Colds and I are "one" in every sense of the word.

But, after just a few dates days, my cold is almost gone. No post nasal drip, slowly infecting my throat till I cry out for mercy, no coughing up an entire village....well....that really does scare the children.

So, if you ever find yourself thinking - "hmmm....I could use a little more air in my nasal lungs, right about now" - try this.

It actually is almost a pleasant experience.

(awh man.....I have to get out more.)

You can probably find this at your pharmacy, but if not - call Toll-free in USA and Canada - 1-877-477-8633

And now something for the wee ones.

This little doll is so soft and cuddly with a medium hard face. I found it at
I bought this one over 3 years ago and waited a long time to give it to Milana.

And just in case anyone was wondering if I could resist posting something about fairies this week - well, no, I couldn't (I guess I'm just weak like that).

This beautiful figurine is part of a collection (somebody stop me) called "Garden Enchantment Series" featuring the art of Lena Liu. They (yes, I have more than, ahem, one) really are quite exquisite. They are from The Bradford Exchange and you can find them at

Adieu, gentle readers, till we meet again.


Carol said...

I've been using *it* well over a year now and mix my own concoctions. I can finally breathe... love it!

From Ottawa

Buckeroomama said...

Is it like a nasal spray thingy? I use Olbas oil for both the kids and also for ourselves.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

LOL....OMG, you are so funny with the fairies:)

I have never seen or used your little sinus rinse, but will have to remember it the next time I am in need!! There is nothing worse than that stuffed up feeling when you can't breathe.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend Wanda!!



Wanda said...

Just to clarify - you squeeze the bottle full of solution into your nose - it goes up into your brain (not really - just seems that way),actually goes through all your sinus cavities and pockets (who knew there was so much going in there - should have paid more attention in biology. And cleans "it" all out.


Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Ohh yes! I have one of those deals like that. I have the Nettie Pot. It is a small tea pot looking deal that uses those same packets of saline solution and you pour it in the same way. It is great. I saw the idea on Dr. Oz one day and he swears by them. Glad you are passing it along. The little doll is so cute and I am sure your "little doll" loved it! Pretty fairy, too! Have a wonderful day full of easy breathing and no coughing!!

Lisa said...

Oh Wanda....

I'm afraid, very afraid ~

And yet....I DO need your discovery and new pal like YESTERDAY! I'm not sure I've had proper air flow since October! Ack....and yet??

I'm afraid! LOL

Maybe you have given me the courage I need!

AND btw, LOVE LOVE the other treasures and always you leave me smiling and feeling like I just sat down and had a conversation with you; your's is a lovely way of sharing with us all!

Happy Friday!

Colleen said...

LOL I was laughing at your comment above...because this reminded me of when my son Tyler was a baby (yes he was my 4th so I should of known better). I had to suction his nose out...never had to do that with the others..instead of squeezing first and then inserting up the nostril...I squeezed in the nostril...blowing boogers right up to his brain LOL Trust me, the Ped corrected me (thank God he was a friend too LOL).

Love the stinkin adorable!!! and I always love your fairies finds...don't stop the fairy finds...I love them!!!
Thank you for playing with me on this wonderful Friday : )

Michelle said...

Your post is too funny!! So is this like a "brain wash"? lol

I have horrible allergies. I wish I could just use this and get rid of them forever. It sounds like some pretty good stuff.

M3 said...

Ok, you're killin' me with that sinus torture device. And I have to admit I'm strangely intrigued... Hee.

Mahmee said...

Nasal irrigation, cute asian dolls, and fairies. Your post is as across the board as mine. I LIKE it! Enjoy your weekend of properly irrigated nasal passages. Woohoo!

Our family said...

Oh Wanda.... I love 'walking' into your world! I have missed reading while I was away this week.

Thank you for the smiles!

Have a glorious weekend!

xo Jen

Pineapple Princess said...

This post was so fun. I loved every second of reading it! :)

Maya's Mommy said...

Hi Wanda! I was just looking through your posts and noticed the Lol' Hugs doll. I had bought this for Maya in the summer, from Walmart! I was pleasantly surprised to find it there. Love your fairies!


Life with Kaishon said...

I laughed my head off about your colds staying around like a Mama bear stays around her wee ones! : ) Hope you feel better soon Wanda!