Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's finds

Do you believe in fairies?

Psst.......come a little closer....

...I do!

I think I've always believed in them. But it wasn't until we had children that I gave it more serious thought. Of course with Dahlia - it was all princesses. My fault there. I fell in love with Cinderella again and bought the DVD and played it for her when she was two. I bad. And she.....we were hooked! (Really, in hindsight I should have waited. It opened up a whole Pandora's box that I'll never be able to close but, oh well....there are worse things, right? Really though, I have some mixed feelings about the whole 'knight in shining armour saving the damsel in distress' thing but....that's another post.)

So, when we were preparing for Milana I wanted to change it up for her and went with my next fantasy..... fairies. (Or as all true fairy lovers know - the word is faery. Yup, really. Look it up.)

And since the wait for Milana went on for years (!!*@+??) I now have quite a collection of fairy things. (Sure hopes she likes fairies.) From books to figurines, boxes and collectibles, art-work and future art-work to inspire me to paint - I could now live quite comfortably in an
all fairy world.

Not really, but sometimes I go there in my mind and have lots of company too. Ahem....I am quite sane, I just have a vivid imagination.


All that to say - here is one of my many fairy books.

Really, from the moment I cracked the cover, I was lost in it. This book is actually a fashion design collection book for fairy clothing. But it's so much more. Beside the fashions being made from dried flower petals and leaves, branches, feathers and other nature objects, it takes you for a lovely walk through the yearly agenda of a fairy. Mind you....a cultured fairy.

(click on any image to enlarge)

The art work is beautiful, the text soothing and inspiring.

.....and the fashions......A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!

Oh gee......what have I done? Do I hear the sound of horses hooves again?

Awhhh.....I'm hopeless.

Now you may be thinking - what is this post all about anyway? Well, I'll tell you. Colleen over at The Crazy Eight site had this idea for Fridays. To show things that we love, things we have found, great bargain and such. So I thought I'd start with this. And who knows where this may go.

And while you might be gliding through a fairy book or the like, I can't think of anything prettier to listen to than the sweet sounds of this lady's voice. I'm crazy about her.
Happy Friday everyone!

Ohh...and if you happen to see some fairies......

.....tell them I said



Love Letters To China said...

What a great book! I bet my little fairy princess would love looking at all the beautiful photos too. You do indeed have quite the imagination! I sometimes wish I was living in fairyland... ;-)

Carol and Taylor said...

Yep, we could all use a bit of faery dust in our lives. As they say down in this neck of the woods, Have a Magical Day!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a beautiful book!! I am sure there is a little girl here who would love to flip through that:) We have hit the princess fairy stage in a big way...... she doesn't even want to where regular clothes anymore. It is either pj's or a costume of some sort...... Isn't it fun to raise little girls?

Have a wonderful weekend Wanda....what a fun post!



a Tonggu Momma said...

That book is gorgeous. And we love fairies at this house, too. That is, if Tinkerbelle counts... does she count?

Lisa said...

Well gee....I already knew I was a big fan of yours and this creative & enchanted blog....and it just keeps getting better & better ~ truly!

Those wee little fashions are enough, I believe, to send even the most pragmatic heart a flutter...and since I'm of the more whimsical variety, I'm gaga over 'em! I actually think they would be amazing crafts to do with our fashion forward big girls!

And I wanted to share that one summer, Lauren an I planted a special fairy garden and built a tiny home to entice any would be flyers to take a bit of respite with us! AND it worked! Every week or so we found remanants of fairy dust, or a teeny tiny whisp of a footprint....almost too slight to spy!

This was such fun...thank you for the memory jog ~ I think this Spring would be a fine time to fairy plan again! :)

Life is too short to NOT embrace all things imaginative & whimsical!

Happy Weekend my fellow fairy Mama friend!

the greek chinese connection said...

Oh my dear friend....yes I believe too!!!

And our little fairy named "Kachina" does visit our home often...ofcoarse she is too, too tiny for us to see her...but we always know when she has come around leaving fairy dust and little footprints in the garden.

Sometimes at night just before we go to bed we see her little sparkling light flicker somewhere in the house...if we stay still and really quite we may even hear her giggle!!!

Those tiny outfits are just beyond magical.

Really intresting it...and you.


Colleen said...

OMW We love fairies!!! Have you ever seen the murals in my girls rooms....fairies every where...I have this awesome book on fairies..I will send you the link : )

I love your finds....awesome finds...forget my blog...can you just post a find every day for me LOL

The Sanders Family said...

We haven't gotten into fairies yet, but my Chloe, who is 2, LOVES princesses. This is my fault I'm sure, as you said with your daughter. But there is worse things, right :) Chloe recently got to meet all the princesses at Disney World. She was in heaven! Have you been there with your daughter? Anyway, wonderful post. You're right, the fairy fashions are wonderful!

Wanda said...

To all inquiring minds. :)

TM - Yes, Tinkerbelle IS a fairy, of course.

Lisa - (fellow fairy mama) Wouldn't they be great projects with the girls. The little outfits are so precious. You should see the shoes. I'll have to post more pages. You'll really go ga-ga.

Sanders family - Disney princesses? Oh yes, check out my label "Dahlia and her princesses"/ We heart them!

Carol said...

Afternoon Wanda,

Then you should run, not walk, to the Musee des Beaux Arts before the Waterhouse exhibit closes. Sit down on the upholstered velvet poufs in the space given over to "The Lady of Shalott" and just breathe. I recently made the trip from Ottawa for that totemic landmark piece, alone. You'll hear Loreena McKennitt's harp all around you...

I'm writing today, though, to ask if, in your long list of favorite bloggers, you have any Canadian friends waiting for children from Haiti.

Gail said...

Well, Wanda I LOVE your finds and especially the fairy ones...who would have known there were so many wonderful things out there about fairies. The detailed dresses and artwork are lovely. Personally I've been a Tinkerbelle lover from way back. And secretly I wanted to be able to fly around on wings and be a tiny fairy, now you just read my little wish. :)

I'll be contributing to Colleen's Friday finds next week, I already have something in mind!

Have a great weekend!

Wanda said...

Carol (

I tried to link to you and went into your blog but I can't access you anywhere. Sorry, I tried.

If you come back here, I'll answer your question here. Unfortunately I don't know of any Canadian friends waiting for children from Haiti. Our agency did not deal with Haiti either so, I'm sorry I can't help you.

And thanks for the tip on the Musee des Beaux Arts. Sounds wonderful.

Jboo said...

Oh wow -- what a cool book! Love it! Janet

Valerie said...

Isn't it fun to plant the seeds of things we adore with our children and hope they take? In the 3 year wait for Aubriana I had filled her closet with so many dresses and ruffles and all things pink and never occurred to me she might be a tom boy. Luckily she a a girly girl, and her brother doesn't mind putting on a tutu so she can have a companion when they twirl around the room together.

Your daughters are lucky to have a mom so devoted to sharing their fantasies.



Carol said...

I greatly appreciate your quick response and also for trying to connect. I don't have a blog, is my email address.

Yesterday, I was in a hurry to donate money specifically to a Canadian organisation trying to bring children from Haiti to this country. In the end, I chose Craig Kielburger's group, Free the Children.

While not faeries per se, the Waterhouse exhibit possesses the same fundamental character and underlying spirit of that mythical culture. There is a wonderful photographer in Toronto who will photograph your children in the woods with all the faery accoutrements.

Thankyou, Wanda!

Daisy Dreams said...

Love the fairy book you mention.....I just may have to search for it! When Vivi was hospitalized, there was only one movie I could get her to watch and it was one loaned to us by her cousin; something about fairies....not animated.

And you've heard the music that plays on my you know I LOVE me some Eva :)

Jo said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Your blog is lovely and your little girls are beautiful! I love what you did for B&W Wednesday ~ I am so not in your league. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us this week.


jenbusymom said...

I'm loving your blog, what an enchanting entry! So cute!