Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

It's Wednesday again and time for Lisa's extravaganza celebrating
Black and White Photography.

This is just one shot of the hundreds many I got of Milana the other day. I posted some in color here but I got quite a kick out of how a few of them turned out in Blk & Wh.
Some roses from my garden last summer. Sigh.......

Then I did 3 more of Milana which I may frame as a triptych (as suggested by my friend Dita for 3 pix I took of Dahlia awhile ago).

I'm going to need more wall space though. (Oh, excuse me, I just heard a groan coming from our bedroom. Huh.......what could be the problem?)

I'm in trouble, you know. No one believes me that that sweet face is anything but sugar.

And below are three pictures from China last summer. Eveyday that we could while Milana was napping, Dahlia and I stole away for some Mommy and daughter time. Sometimes it was a little lunch, an ice-cream cone (ok....more than once for the ice-cream), some shopping or just exploring. It's funny how in one day, Dahlia went from being my baby to my buddy. We really enjoyed each other in our stolen moments together.

Here we were in our hotel in Hangzhou, Zhejiang - where they had a museum
of just magnificent artwork. This was a huge wall carving in wood that really was breath-taking in person.

It was in a golden honey colored wood - gorgeous if you like wood, which I don't ( I can appreciate it though) but converted to black and white - I really like.

And there's my baby buddy Dahlia. No, she'll always be my baby. I just have two babies now.

Make sure you have a visit to The Long Road to China site for some beautiful photography.


Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Beautiful pictures!

She Writes said...

Love them all, but the first is my fave!

Valerie said...

Stunning photos. I hear you on the wall space idea. I think digital frames for each year are in order. I remember the intricate and amazing artwork in China...breathtaking and to think of the man(woman)hours that goes into some of it. Makes me feel kind of lazy when I used to just frame fancy calendars and call it a day. The first photo is mesmerizing.

American in Norway said...

Oh WOW... they are all amazing... I love how striking her eyes are in the first photo... but LOVE LOVE the contrast in the one with the flower in her hair.

Donna said...

Oooooh! Pretty!


Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

That Milana can only be sweet! Nothing else is possible... ;) The artwork is gorgeous and that is a great pic of Dahlia in front of it! Fabulous post, Wanda! Have a great day!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

They are beautiful Wanda.....and I agree with Dita...the Triptych would be fantastic for these!! She is so sweet.... you can just see her little personalty pop right off the page!!

I also love that you have been including pictures of your trip to China.....what wonderful memories they must bring back for you each time you look at them!!

Hope you have a great day my friend!



Jboo said...

Wow! Stunning photos!


a Tonggu Momma said...

I love the first laughing shot of Milana with the flower in her hair!

Briana's Mom said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! I know you didn't take hundreds of photos of Milana. You took thousands - admit it. LOL! :)

Love Letters To China said...

Wanda... Your pictures are beautiful. I agree with Tonggu Momma... I love the first one. I so wish I had pictures of China like you do. My hubby took some but he had his hands full with Liam without my help.

Looks like you need to start sharing some of the specs on your pictures too. I would love to know some of your secrets. :-)

Have a great day!

Jodee Leader said...

These pictures are absolutely adorable!

Wanda said...

Briana's Mom,

BUSTED! How did you know?

Dita said...

MILANA!!! These are really fantastic, Wanda. I love love love the tryptch group. I can't imagine a better story of her expressions hanging on the wall. She has this completely mysterious look in her eyes whenever I see her in photos.

That wood carving is something. I had no idea from the first picture how BIG it was!

YOU with your penchant for Black, White, Silver (and a touch of pink here and there) are a the PERFECT candidate for B&W Wednesdays!


Marla said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Wanda! I love the contrast on these. That first one is just breathtaking.

Lisa said...

giggle...I think husbands everywhere did a collective groan! :) I'm always saying I need more wall space too!

BUT gosh, with these gorgeous and amazing photos you TRULY DO need to showcase your work!

What a doll she is and her personality really sparkles right through in these!

I also loved remembering your "stolen moments" with your first babe and remember well those first few weeks home with Tyler when "date time with my best girl" was not only necessary but oh so treasured...and still is!!

The wood work of the final photos is so intricate and you, wood is not my favorite, but its hard not to appreciate the scale and effort of those pieces.

Thanks my friend!! Oh, I participated today...yippeee!! :)

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

I knew they'd all be beautiful, Wanda, after seeing your pictures for the first time last week. However, I adore the first one of Milana you shared. She has incredible features and is a gorgeous girl.

Thanks for sharing all your selections.

Blessings to your family~

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


I knew after visiting your blog for the first time last week that you would have more incredible pictures posted and you didn't disappoint. All are beautiful but I love the first one of Milana the most (and I'm not good at making decisions). She is a gorgeous girl and you captured her so well.


The Sanders Family said...

Beautiful photos. I love these in b&w. It really emphasizes your daughters porcelain skin and dark hair. Stunning!

Anonymous said...

absolutly beautiful. thanks so much for sharing

Norah said...

Love these! All of them!

Cop Mama said...

They are all so striking! The contrast on the rose is amazing. Your daughter's eyes just glisten. So cool, great pics!

Frau said...

Amazing take! I want to say it's easy cause your subjects are beautiful but I think you have amazing talent and a great eye!

Melis said...

Oh my gosh - such beautiful photos of such beautiful subjects! I feel like a total rookie :-) Honestly, I'm blown away by her sweet face... not one I'll forget any time soon! I'll be back, often! And thanks for tipping me off about the link flub... I messed up last week, too! One of these days I'll get it right!

Gail said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Wanda! Don't you love black and white now? The first one is my favorite, it's a keeper, hope you frame that one.

Have a great rest of your day!


Lisa said...

VERY VERY beautiful pictures!!! My three year old daughter keeps asking "Who is that?"
I keep telling her "she is Milana."

We both decided she is adorable and her mother can't be serious when she says Milana is
"anything but sugar." Okay maybe she is a little spice.....but boy is she sweet looking.

Love the Rose too....your pictures are just amazing!

Amy said...

Thanks for the comment! The beach is where I hope to make my home eventually, but it's over an hour away from home right now.

Taking shots downward is one of my fave techniques. Different angles are always fun!

Your B&W photos above are gorgeous. I love how the flower in her hair doesn't quite overpower her face.

Sandra said...

These are beautiful! Milana has amazing eyes!

Anonymous said...

The first picture says it all - Stunning!

Krista said...

Wow - I love all the pics of Milana. You've done a great job of capturing such different aspects of her personality!

I know what you mean about Dahlia. My big girl is turning into my buddy as well, but will ALWAYS be my baby!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Great pictures..They look absolutely beautiful in black and white. I love your photography style. Your two babies(or should I say your one baby and one simply beautiful:)

Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

Bonjour Wanda!

I always get excited to meet another Canadian Blogger!

Gosh - your daughters are GORGEOUS! I loved all of your captures that you included today.

You have an incredible story.


Shelly and Family said...

Love the B&W photos...especially the first one WOW! Thank You for stopping by our blog and saying "hello"! I always love to meet new bloggers (well at least to me lol)! Anyway, can't wait to see/read more about you & your family!


ashia said...

great photos! i especially love those 3 of your daughter!

Laura said...

Beautiful photos! You're girls are absolutely gorgeous!! I would be taking hundreds of pictures of them too. :)

Katy said...

All the pictures are really awesome! You're daughters are adorable :)

Kim said...

Oh what sweet girls you have. Great photos, I love the ones in China. Thanks for stopping by today!

Ivy said...

Hi Wanda!
Thanks for coming over to my blog. It's been a very hard few months for me and I haven't been blogging. However after the sweet posts people have left and trying to keep up my blog for Kira I decided I'll take it slow.

Wow, you're girls are gorgeous. Now we both have spicy girls! The time does go by fast, even I was looking back at my blog thinking how tiny she was this time last year and now she's pushing the boys around in pre-school

You're a fab photog and the black and white conversions are beautiful. I haven't had time to join the posting but do enjoy everyone's version and of course what Lisa does every week. She amazes me with her creativity and dedication to her friends.

Thanks again for the sweet comments.

Stop by soon!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh Wanda! Your babies are SO lovely. I love your pictures. And I love reading about your day to day adventures. What a great Mommy you are!

jenbusymom said...

Such beautiful shots Wanda, love the black and white flower, it goes so great with her hair!

JinXiu said...

these pictures melt my heart


Mahmee said...

I love those carving photos...they are well as those two little precious sweetums.
Great photos.

freckletree. said...

wow-- that first photo of milana is quite haunting.

it's the stark contrast of the sharp eyes/ hair and then the soft lips.

very beautiful, well done.