Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Just trying to keep it real 'chez nous', so I give you the everyday fashion stylings of baby girl.....just gettin' down and havin' some fun.

Oh, and Daddy has found her first nickname - Milana Banana. And it's perfect as it's in keeping with my little name for her - Punky Monkey. Can you find the common thread here? Monkey is good clue.....'cause that's the noise she makes for wanting anything. I swear, if you close your eyes, she's a monkey. Lots of laughs.

And she is having some fun these days. For weeks I covered up most of the toys in the playroom and the shelf units too because when we first got home, she went into sensory overload but she is so eager to touch and experience everything, I can hardly hold her back.

"Oh yah.....got some of sissy's stuff too"

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So there you have it. Messy house....but a happy kid.

It just feels right!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Heh. We call the Tongginator Chunky Monkey... cuz she was born in the year of the monkey. Glad things are going so well.

Buckeroomama said...

Yeah, somehow an overly neat house just doesn't feel right anymore here either!

Milana seems to be doing really well. :)

Lisa said...

Messy schmessy :) the mess will wait....our babies grow way to fast!!

Love her style.....stretch pants go great with all kinds of monkey play!


Mahmee said...

Wha? You mean there's an alternative to a messy house? Your little monkey banana is a cutie!

Our family said...

Such cute nicknames:)))) What a little doll! It looks like she is having a ball! Oh! Wanda, I have been meaning to write you and ask a few q's. 1. Travelling in Nov.... Did you bring very warm gear? 2. How old is Milana now? I think our girls are close in age. Hannah turned 1 on Aug.9. 3.What size of clothes is she wearing now? I am thinking of bringing mostly 12-18 months. With a few 18-24... what do you think? Sorry for posting this on your blog! LOL

Wanda said...

Jen, my love...I'll e-mail you (and aren't we getting together next week too?)

Colleen said...

a messy house is a fun house : ) She is adorable!!!! Love her nickname.

Donna said...

We have nicknames involving food too. Appropriate since our kids are so sweet that I have to constantly fight the urge to eat 'em up! I wasn't sure I knew how to correctly pronounce "Milana" but since it rhymes with banana, I have my answer! :)

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Wanda said...


I'm glad you mentioned that. I must post the pronunciation as I'll bet a few people are wondering.

It's like this : Mee - lana as in banana. And you have to say it like an Italian ('cause hubs is one, heh)so....with attitude. lol. So the accent is on : lan. See what I mean?

Sara Elizabeth Bonds said...

Awww, what a precious little one! I a firm believer that a home that is too neat and tighty is not being lived in. Especially when there are children, or in my case pet children, involved. :o)

Christie said...

What a doll!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Awww!! I love her little Nicknames....so cute!!

I bet she went into sensory overload with all those toys. Who needs a clean house.....that little smile is worth every bit of mess!!

Have a wonderful weekend!