Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In an attempt to record memorable moments (oh, I probably wouldn't forget this one...but just in case) I submit this.
(Let me just put out a warning to anyone practicing prudery who may be reading right now......go no further......leave now or risk a blush.

'K.......fair warned.

I jest really. This is probably the oldest story (well almost) in the book. Here it is.

So Dahlia came running into my bathroom this morning, all excited. Went something like this.

Dahlia - "Mommy, mommy....I just saw Daddy's penis!!!"

Mommy - (just catching the chorkle as it bolted from my mouth....managed to and said, oh so demurely - " Oh did it look like?"

Dahlia - (with huge eyes...too huge really) - " It was REALLY big! "

Mommy - I actually hurt myself to not respond other than a non- chalent - "Hmm....really". But really I was thinking ' oh, Daddy will be so pleased to hear that! '

Of course, Daddy was horrified that Dahlia had peaked into the shower but I've always told him to naturalize the body parts a bit or her curiousity level will be too high and when the opportunity arises, she'll be over-keen to explore with someone who Daddy really will be horrified with. If y'all know what I mean!

And 'cause I always provide visuals with my posts, I've included an example of the subject matter with which Dahlia was so surprised by......

NO...........of course NOT !!!! Sillys.


3D said...


Keep smilin!

Donna said...

Oh my gosh! What a HOOT! A few months ago, we put up some "modesty" film on the outside of our glass shower (up to bellybutton level) so that Daddy can have some of his privacy back. The girls don't really seem to care about boy or girl body parts but, at age 5, we figured it was about time we stopped being totally nekkid around them. I could never blog about this (my inlaws read my blog) but Gwen has been pretty curious about nipples lately -- specifically why they sometimes stick out and sometimes don't. Geesh! Like I really want to try to explain that?

When Michael was a preschooler, he always had questions and always asked them at the top of his lungs. One day, he screamed his query while we were standing in line at the grocery store: "MOMMY!? WHEN I GROW UP, WILL I HAVE A GREAT BIG GIANT TALLYWACKER LIKE DADDY!?" There was dead silence in the store as everyone waited for my response. I still die a little bit inside when I think about it. Whewboy!

Parenting is fun, huh.

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Our family said...

I AM IN STITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT is hilarious! So very innocent, and funny:) Good job Mom, keeping a somewhat straight face. I love your questioning:)))))))) TOOOOOOO FUNNY!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my word.....that is hilarious!! When you said you had a visual, I was almost afraid to scroll down!!


Wanda said...

Oh Donna, I'm not sure when I've laughed so hard.
Thank you for that, friend. Now that is really funny! I gotta ask....oh, I'll e-mail you.

Lisa said...

That is beyond hilarious...chuckling right here in a mighty big way! :-) AND you can't tell me that more than a few folks *ahem* weren't more than a bit curious as to what you might post by way of visual aids! LOL ;) Too funny!

What a big day for you all!! *wicked chortle*

Lisa said...

OH P.S. Love the new name/ it!

the greek chinese connection said...

I refuse to comment on this post "here"...over coffee would be better. I love the changes on your blog. You are such a beautiful family.

luv u


a Tonggu Momma said...

BwwwaaaHaHaHaHaHa!!! Although I WAS afraid to scroll down, but I should have known you were teasing.

Buckeroomama said...

LOL!!! For sure, hubby would be mighty pleased that you shared that info with all of Bloggyland. :)

Mahmee said...

HA! (pause while I blot the spittle off my shirt). Holy crap...that was hilarious!

So sorry to read about your daughter's broken arm...that's horrible.

Nice new title, by the way.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Jodee Leader said...

What a hoot! That is soooo funny!

Jednet said...

You are a lucky woman in SO many ways.....


Amy said...

Oh Wanda how hysterical...thanks for sharing, you really gave me a good laugh tonight!! Hugs..Amy R

Teresa said...

OMG! That's hilarious! And Donna, you had me stifling laughter so my 10-year-old boy wouldn't demand to know what I was laughing at!

Caroline mentioned "Daddy's extra leg" one morning. Heh.

Felicia said...

Hilarious post! I'm sure your husband is feeling like quite the man, lol.

On a serious note, I have so much catching up to do. Congrats on Gotcha Day! You're a beautiful family with 2 beautiful blessings!

DawnS said...

OH my gosh - what a hoot!!! I was definitely wondering what kind of visuals you could have possibly put with that one LOL!!!

Diana said...

I kept scrolling and
Too FUNNY!!!
She will LOVE this story when she is 13:)