Saturday, March 14, 2009

There's a smell of a rumor in the air!

....and the rumor is we might be looking at Milana's face (referral picture, I mean) sooner than later. There.....I said it!!! And I 'm not taking it back.

Explanation: Rumor Queen (China Adopt Talk) just gave it an R2 (which is about a 40% chance of being true). We could have our referral picture by end April/beginning May on the outside and maybe even earlier!!! For those who don't know who Rumor Queen is - think Holy grail. Oh happy days. I was gearing up for about another 3 months because it seemed like we were in another slow-down (how many does that make it now?) so I was settling for a referral by June/July and travelling in ...aug..g..g August. But now there are distinct rumblings that we could have a speed-up. Oh God....please make it true. Dahlia will be starting college soon ; 0.

To be continued..............

PS. I need help with posting my pictures. I want to move them around and write where I want but it's only giving me templates that I don't like and can't maneuver. I know it do-able - but I can't seem to do it. Directions/advice/tips are all welcome. Thanx


Karmen and Greg said...

I found your site -- and am LOVING the rumors. Your site is lovely, as is the daughter you already have. I pray the rumors are right and you are soon on your way to Milana!

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Donna said...

I hope that rumor is true! Wouldn't that be amazing?!

As for placement of photos and text.... it's a hard question to answer. Blogger doesn't really have a user friendly way to do this. I've resorted to using html code for tables (google that) to get my photos and text to line up. Otherwise, nothing seems to display the way you want it to.

Another option is to combine your text and images in a photo editing program and save them as an image. Then add that to your blog just like any other image. I do that all the time on my blog.

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3D said...

Fingers crossed!

Keep smilin!