Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dahlia turns 6

It's certainly an old cliche - but nonetheless true - I can't believe my sweet little baby girl is 6 years old!!! My Mom always said "hang on - it's goes so fast" and of course, she was right. I've blinked and 4 and a half years have passed. We had a great day - quiet - just us. Her big party (Mulan theme - her choice) will be on Saturday with all her buds ( and my buds too....I mean their parents).

This picture is from our Disney trip last Nov where Dahlia met ALL the princesses but meeting Mulan was a thrill. We got to greet her at her dressing room door and walk out through the courtyard with her. I'll rephrase that - Dahlia greeted her and walked out with Mulan hand-in-hand while I did back flips and (rather unseemly) air leaps in an attempt to capture some pix of the event. (I admit I'm a bit of wild thing when I want a picture.) And of course Dan can prove it as he was video taping my lunges. (Not pretty.) I stifled the urge to yell "Cut - can you two back up and walk out a little slower!" Bottom line is we have some lovely pictures of our princess meeting "the princesses" and thus the inspiration for this years birthday party.

And as an aside - it looks like the cut-off this month is March 6th so...........9 more days! That's all - just 9 wee little days. Sigh.


3D said...

Happy Birthday Sweet D!!

Keep smilin!

Our family said...

Happy belated birthday Dahlia!!!! I trust that you had a beautiful birthday! So happy that you were able to meet the Princesses at Disney! You are one lucky little Princess yourself!!!!

Susie and Gordie said...

Happy BD Dahlia! I can't believe you met Mulan... we have been there 4 times and never caught a glimpse of her :(