Friday, April 19, 2013

Ummm.....hi....., my sister (hi Elaine!) mentioned she hadn't seen an update on my blog for a million years awhile...

.....and she's right. (Older sisters are always right....right?) Busy would be one word I could use as an excuse.

The other would be I spend a lot of time over at Facebook and try and keep that a bit current can always visit me there and see what's up.

I'd love you to come over and follow along and "like"  my page. (That'll ease my guilt for not updated here as often.)

I also update my photography on my website.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of my girlies during a recent walk in our park. I'm happy to say our snow is now officially GONE, even though we got a big dump only last Friday.

Green - Fri April 5, 2013 photo DSC_0824vividsoftprismwmfb_zps1fa774b8.jpg

And Milana....looking cute enough to eat. (Said her mom...modestly.)

Mon March 11,2013 photo DSC_0536wm_zps179ac58e.jpg

And Dahlia, on her 10 birthday in March. (How can it be that my babies are 5 and 10!! that's hardly an original thought but it still blows my mind.)

Tue March 12,2013 Today photo DSC_0528wmflare_zps7a19d32f.jpg

Thanks for stopping by (and forgiving my absence.)

Hope to see you on Facebook.

Happy Spring everyone!


retriever said...

,☸ ...fantastic fotos!!...☸ڿڰۣڿڰۣ
Have a nice day with your familie, love your banner!
Greeting from Belgium
Blog seniorennet.Be Louisette

Louisette retriever said...

Have a nice end week, from Belgium

Mary Rutledge said...

The girls are so big since I was last here a couple of years ago? AND beautiful, as are you.
Love the photos.