Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday

WEDDING N&B #1 360 wm

I'm just finishing up a clients wedding pictures and had to share this one of the two little flower girls.

These 2 were beyond precious and just stole everyone's heart. I had a hard time not swooning every time I pointed my lens at them.

flowers 032

the long road

And another favorite photo was after some rain earlier this week and my roses (this one is the climber "New Dawn") were heavy with raindrops. That's the time to grab an image and then I softened it up in editing.

Very few words today because......I'm unplugging for a few days.......time to just chill and play with the kids.

Bring it on!

Happy Friday!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

PhSho Adrian Family 021 wm
Another school year....gone!
Dahlia jpg wm

PhSho Adrian Family 013 wm
Here is where I can really see how her face is maturing.

PhSho Adrian Family 028 wm
......but her silliness cuteness remains the same.
BLOG and POST1 wm

Anybody notice that Milana has gone from standing beside her big sis and just looking cute to................the honorable role of "pack mule"! I sometimes try and change the course of this division of power but this morning it just made me giggle. That backpack is hanging so low that if I attached clippers to it she could mow the grass as she walks. (Not that I would do that or anything....)

Talking photography for a minute - the above collage is a good example of the challenges of grabbing pictures of your kiddos as they move and run. We had about 2 minutes to grab some last day of school pictures or we woud have been late. The light conditions changed with each shot so it's a constant scramble to change the settings. ISO, shutterspeed and aperature changed here 3 times in about 5 seconds. You can really see the changes here in these 3 shots.

For a look back at previous years of first and last days of school for Dahlia, click on the link below.

Oh, how they change and grow!

PhSho Christine Chan (June 2011) 094PhSho Christine Chan (June 2011) 112
(Same time last year, above)

Dahlia 1st day, grade 3 008Dahlia 1st day, grade 3 030
(And the beginning of this school year, above)

Back to now....June 2012 and last day of Grade 3. 
And school is OUT!!

BLOG and POST2 wm
And as the school bell rang for the last time this year, we could hear squeals of delight as the kids came pouring out. Dahlia is so overjoyed, instead of walking or running....she's doing the happy dance.
PhSho Adrian Family 292 wm

PhSho Adrian Family 293 wm

PhSho Adrian Family 295 wm

This has really been a watershed year for all of us. Dahlia became a "reader" this year. She loves to read her chapter books, visit the library and read everyday this year. Her marks continue to improve and the things she is learning surprise (and shock) me. I know we didn't know half the stuff she knows at her age. She's interested in history, geography and how things work as well as art and music.

Dahlia and Milana have become inseparable - playing together constantly which has helped Milana so much with her language development. Milana has being a little chatterbox now of course, which confirms that old adage - "be careful what you wish for". (Kidding of course, we're delighted with her advancing language skills.)

Ni Hao Yall

My camera: Nikon D300
Lens: 28-75 mm 2:8
ISO,shutterspeed,f/stop: all over the place.
PhSho Adrian Family 297 wm
Yes, it's been a great Grade 3 for our big girl. 
We are so proud of you sweetheart!

Now.....let the summer begin!!!

Happy Summer everyone!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

iphone 075 wm

Daddy's two treasures, walking out of church on our way to Sunday brunch.

Happy Father's Day!

Ni Hao Yall

Camera: iphone 4S
Settings: who refreshing!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tuesday....around the world.

I think there are two different kind of people in the world.
Flowers, backyard 013

Those who "hate" black flowers

and those who love them! 

One guess which side I'm on. Oh, come you think so?

Flowers backyard 024 wm
And a few other colors too but true black flowers fascinate me. The black petunia above has almost no purple in truly is black. I was like a kid in a candy shop when I found it....bought 2 boxes and mixed them with white geraniums and some green.

Flowers, backyard 007
My little garden fairy, watches over my garden as she has for many years.

Flowers, backyard 029
I'm happy to say I finally spent a Saturday tending to my garden that was being threatened by every weed known to man. The girls were pretty handy with their garden chores - each one trying to win points as to who was the best garden assistant.

Flowers, backyard 018

Of course, they both thought they were and I wasn't about to contradict them. Garden help is garden help...rewarded with fudgicles and running through the sprinkler.

Flowers, backyard 031
These pictures were all taken around 7:00 PM when the sun was it's most delicious. 50mm 1:4 lens - opened wide.

Flowers, backyard 054 
Happy Tuesday.....around the world!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday

Roses - pink 020

What with all the work lately (and playing around with fancy equipment), I just took a few shots of some roses the other day.

With my trusty Nikon D300....which I still love....even though I had a quick and steamy affair with the D4!!
Roses - pink 019 wm
And what with the mound of editing still in front of me, to save some time I thought I'd try out some Florabella actions on these roses. I used the Luxe, soft pink and from the Classic Collection, the soft haze. 

A bit of a departure from my usual "in your face already" style but I like it!
Roses - pink 012 wm
Do visit Lisa's blog and check out some amazing photography. Just oogle or join in - always a great way to learn.

This will be the first Saturday in awhile that I'm not working so the family is hitting the yard and garden. My flowers are now shouting at me...."hey...remember us?". So this week-end I will.

Happy Week-end!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tuesday......Around the World.

D4 Test 446

A few days ago, I got my hot little hands on the new Nikon D4. Which is the equivalent of "nirvana" to a photographer.
D4 Test 032

So, I had to try it out....Dahlia had the day off from school and though the clouds were rolling in....we headed to our little park around the corner.
D4 Test 220

You might think that I direct her, suggest props and coax her into these poses....but I really don't. I just have one mantra. "Relax your mouth". That's all I ever say....the rest is pure Dahlia.

D4 Test 090
I laugh every time I remember how she used to growl at me as a toddler, whenever I would bring out my camera. I really had to work hard to get a decent picture.
D4 Test 457
D4 Test 416

D4 Test 528
Yes.....that would be me in the garden globe. I little souvenir of working with such an amazing camera.
D4 Test 252
My goal this year is to get the new Nikon D800 but after getting to play around with the's like a Ferrari. Anything less is.......just less.

D4 Test 357

However.....I'll still work for the D800. And be very grateful when I get it. (My motto has always been - never own anything you can't afford to replace.)
D4 Test 461 D4 Test 204
So...back to Dahlia. She can look so mature and serious one minute and then becomes my crazy little girl the next.

D4 Test 300 D4 Test 049 D4 Test 073
I just love all the different sides that make up my Dahlia Grace.
D4 Test 400

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

 then, she {snapped}

Join in the fun and tour the world this Tuesday.

Happy Day!