Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

PhSho Adrian Family 021 wm
Another school year....gone!
Dahlia jpg wm

PhSho Adrian Family 013 wm
Here is where I can really see how her face is maturing.

PhSho Adrian Family 028 wm
......but her silliness cuteness remains the same.
BLOG and POST1 wm

Anybody notice that Milana has gone from standing beside her big sis and just looking cute to................the honorable role of "pack mule"! I sometimes try and change the course of this division of power but this morning it just made me giggle. That backpack is hanging so low that if I attached clippers to it she could mow the grass as she walks. (Not that I would do that or anything....)

Talking photography for a minute - the above collage is a good example of the challenges of grabbing pictures of your kiddos as they move and run. We had about 2 minutes to grab some last day of school pictures or we woud have been late. The light conditions changed with each shot so it's a constant scramble to change the settings. ISO, shutterspeed and aperature changed here 3 times in about 5 seconds. You can really see the changes here in these 3 shots.

For a look back at previous years of first and last days of school for Dahlia, click on the link below.

Oh, how they change and grow!

PhSho Christine Chan (June 2011) 094PhSho Christine Chan (June 2011) 112
(Same time last year, above)

Dahlia 1st day, grade 3 008Dahlia 1st day, grade 3 030
(And the beginning of this school year, above)

Back to now....June 2012 and last day of Grade 3. 
And school is OUT!!

BLOG and POST2 wm
And as the school bell rang for the last time this year, we could hear squeals of delight as the kids came pouring out. Dahlia is so overjoyed, instead of walking or running....she's doing the happy dance.
PhSho Adrian Family 292 wm

PhSho Adrian Family 293 wm

PhSho Adrian Family 295 wm

This has really been a watershed year for all of us. Dahlia became a "reader" this year. She loves to read her chapter books, visit the library and read everyday this year. Her marks continue to improve and the things she is learning surprise (and shock) me. I know we didn't know half the stuff she knows at her age. She's interested in history, geography and how things work as well as art and music.

Dahlia and Milana have become inseparable - playing together constantly which has helped Milana so much with her language development. Milana has being a little chatterbox now of course, which confirms that old adage - "be careful what you wish for". (Kidding of course, we're delighted with her advancing language skills.)

Ni Hao Yall

My camera: Nikon D300
Lens: 28-75 mm 2:8
ISO,shutterspeed,f/stop: all over the place.
PhSho Adrian Family 297 wm
Yes, it's been a great Grade 3 for our big girl. 
We are so proud of you sweetheart!

Now.....let the summer begin!!!

Happy Summer everyone!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...


I was sitting here looking at your beautiful girls and getting a bit sentimental because they have really grown and changed so much....... and then I saw the picture of Dahlia with the back pack and could not stop laughing as I read what you wrote. OMG Wanda, you totally crack me up. I miss you and your sense of humor!! SO bummed my boss canceled the trip to Canada. Let's get that girls weekend booked once and for all. We have all been so busy..... but let's make time to pick a weekend.

Happy Sunday to you and the family~



Nancy said...

Is it bad that my very favorite part is the band-aide on her knee? So precious. And the days pass all too quickly.
Thx for sharing!
nancy-of the crazy 9

Gail said...

Time is just flying by way too fast isn't it Wanda? It's very bittersweet. Congrats on your reader, to have the love of reading is truly a gift. I so agree our children learn so many things in school that we didn't.

Love all of these!!


Stefanie said...

Dahlia has grown up so much! And I just adore her shadow - so sweet that they are so close :)
Enjoy your summer!!