Friday, August 10, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday - " Milana's Gotcha Day! "

Milana Gotcha Day 044 wm
August 9th is Milana's Gotcha Day! And we are 3 years home with our littlest munchkin.

Milana Gotcha Day 022 wm
And in 3 years, Milana has gone from almost shutting down and not even walking at 22 months (!!) to this - spunky, bright, charming, grabs your heart tight and will not let it go - child who has found her rightful spot in our family and in this world.
Milana Gotcha Day 013 wm
It's been quite a ride.

Milana Gotcha Day 010 wm
To celebrate our Milana's Day, we went out to dinner with our dear friends who share the same special days. (Our 2 families traveled to China twice together and both our 2 daughters share the same gotcha days. And, if you don't know our story......our eldest girls were from the same place and knew each other since infants and are best friends ever since and our littlest, while not from the same province, still share the same day and they too have become holy terrors best friends!

Milana Gotcha Day 005 crop wm
It really is a fairy tale story that we ought to write one day. Such a rare bond that very few people share.

(Joining Lisa and friends at The Long Road to China.)
Milana Gotcha Day 008 wm
(Now...about that first picture at the top...the family one. I get asked a lot how I manage to get everyone in the same picture with me in it too.'s the madness recipe. Set up the scene, warn the troops...." it picture time!" WHAT? AGAIN? , get someone to sit in the sweet spot so I get my is on tripod of course, put the camera setting on delay shooting - 8 seconds, press the shutter, yell "sckoosh over so I can get my bum we smile!!".

And that's it!

Milana Gotcha Day 026 wm
Another year has passed with this most interesting child in our midst, who lately just makes me stand back in delighted wonder at just how she is blossoming.

From "cling-on" child who lived on my right leg for over a year to "Miss Wild Thang" to " get ready world...cause Milana has arrived" so brace yourself .

She is all that and soooo much more.

She's our love bucket......
.....our beloved daughter! 


Life with Kaishon said...

I absoolutely love your little girls. They have such wonderful personalities. I can totally see the spunk : )
I am glad you get in pictures because you make them even more gorgeous!

Marla said...

Awwwww, happy, happy family day to your beautiful little lady! And I have to say, you are the queen of getting great family pics with you in them! I need to take lessons from you and jump into more.

Have a wonderful weekend, Wanda!

Mahmee said...

Congrats to you all!

Dita said...

Love every single shot! I especially love the family ones with you in them. You've got that down, haven't you!

I remember sitting there in your living room with all 4 of you around all 4 of us...and Milana was so little and so shy...I see her beaming now and can't believe how much she's grown and blossomed.

Guess that means we need another trip up there, huh?

I miss you and your sweet smile so thanks for the "fix" to see you here today.

Love you, Wan...

Julie said...

Happy Milana Day! As always, I just love how you capture these special moments!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

I adore these Wanda!!!! Love the set up for your family shots. You should try a remote trigger. I can't live without mine. Makes getting in the shot so much easier.