Monday, May 28, 2012

Tuesday.....Around the World

We just had another beautiful week-end with horses in it.
PhSho Mariola Herbasz 274
PhSho Mariola Herbasz 272
Only this time they weren't tethered ponies....but the real deal. 
PhSho Horse Jumping 021
Beautiful thoroughbred horses.
PhSho Mariola Herbasz 280
PhSho Mariola Herbasz 284
I had a family photo shoot on Sunday, on location - out in the country and thought we should make it a family thing at the same time. 

So we stopped somewhere for a brunch and then they dropped me off at my shoot and went exploring. They spied some horses behind a fence when the owner spotted them and invited them in. (Really nice guy!) He gave them a tour of his grounds and stables and invited them to watch as a few of his horses were having a practice jump with their trainer in a little while. I arrived just as they were headed in the field with their horses.

PhSho Mariola Herbasz 298
PhSho Mariola Herbasz 364-2

What a treat!

PhSho Mariola Herbasz 320 PhSho Mariola Herbasz 290 PhSho Mariola Herbasz 350 PhSho Horse Jumping 053 PhSho Horse Jumping 050 PhSho Horse Jumping 033 PhSho Horse Jumping 062 PhSho Horse Jumping 067
 The girls wished we could have stayed all day and were less than thrilled to have to pile into the car and leave. They both had been getting up their nerve to ask for a ride but we quickly explained that these horses weren't the same as last weeks. (But that kind of logic went right over their heads.)

Me thinks there will be more horses in our future. 



Life with Kaishon said...

2 weekends in a row! Oh my goodness Wanda! That is so exciting! I love that the owner was so personable and invited you over to visit! How incredible for the girls. I hope they get to go riding again soon. I always take the kids riding at least once or twice a month in the summer. They love it so much.

rooth said...

That's absolutely gorgeous - and a reminder for me to get out and ride!

Our family said...

How splendid! What wonderful luck being welcomed so warmly, resulting in a glorious day!

I miss you Wanda but am glad to stay in the loop here! I must update soon ( i have the best of intentions:)).

Xo Jen

Mahmee said...

You really captured the beauty of those horses. What great weather you seem to be having. The girls look fabulous as always.
Happy spring.

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Beautiful is right! I love these. They remind me so much of how many years of my childhood were spent.

Dita said...

Wow..the colors are so grand in these shots and those thoroughbreds sublime.

I love the expressions on the girls' faces...and of course the amazing outfits. Look at the legs on about thoroughbred! WOW!

Love those girlies and love their Mama!