Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - " Summer lovin' "

Freddy Beach 2010 277-3

It's hard to get my head around that school starts again in two weeks. I just think we should all go on strike and insist that summer be longer. Are you with me?

And while we're at it - everybody is on vacation at the same time.

Hmmmm....guess I'm dreaming.

Freddy Beach 2010 298-2

We had a family re-union a few weeks back (about 8 hours down the road from here), at my brother's lake cottage (hi George) where all and sundry meet up every few years.

Freddy Beach 2010 304-2

It was one of those perfect days. Gorgeous color, fluffy clouds, great company and lots of laughs.

Freddy Beach 2010 251-3

Freddy Beach 2010 251-2

Freddy Beach 2010 298

Freddy Beach 2010 304

I think this picture of Dahlia (below) may be my all-time favorite of her.

I just love everything about it.

Freddy Beach 2010 277-2

It's Wednesday folks. And today is a very special day for Lisa at the Long Road to China because that road just came to an end. A happy end. They received their referral for a sweet baby girl from Hunan, China. Finally!

We are sooooooo happy for you!


Hannah said...

The pictures are beautiful! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

Mary Lou said...

What a beautiful family you have and great photos..
I'm celebrating with Lisa also. Isn't it wonderful??

Life with Kaishon said...

Wanda! I am SO with you! Where is the petition to sign to make summer longer? : ) I will add my name at once! I love your pictures. Dahlia is a beautiful girl! I am so glad you get to be her Mama : ). My favorite picture of yours is the one with your husband and daughter walking towards the water. How beautiful is that? I am glad your vacation was special and you could spend time with your family : ) Sending much love to you on this early Wednesday morning!

Buckeroomama said...

On the one hand I want summer to end soon (can`t wait for fall weather!), but on the other hand, it is fun doing activities with the kids without having to worry about schedules and homework!

Lovely pics!!

Kayce said...

I am so with you on the strike! We start Monday and while the district did extend our summer break two weeks, it still seems too early to go back!
Your pictures are just amazing this week, well they are every week! :) Love the one of all of and just perfect!

Terri said...

Lets strike for sure! =)
I just LOVE the picture of all four of you together! Your all so beautiful! =)
You did a fabulous job with your pictures Wanda!

Dita said...

AS soon as I saw that BW of Dahlia I thought...WOW...she looks 14! I love seeing glimpses of the kids as teens/adults through our lenses every now and then.

Great shots of the trip but the one of all of you together in BW AND COLOR is just FANTASTIC! Love it!
I also love seeing Danny hand in hand with his princesses.

Missing you too, Sweetie...promise to catch up VERY soon!

Love Letters To China said...

I'm so lovin' all your family photos Wanda! I so need to get my tripod out and take some of mine. We are always running around when we're home together I'm always forgetting to do this. So glad you had a wonderful time on your vacation. You so deserve a little rest and relaxation.

So happy for Lisa...


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful way to start ending your summer! It looks so serene and relaxing!! BTW - I love your cameos in the pictures!! You always look like you stepped out of a Hollywood set :) Enjoy the next two weeks before the Back2School craziness starts again!

Jo said...

It's been a beautiful summer here in CT ~ I don't want it to end. I'm back to school in just a few short days.

Love the photo of the four of you ~ stunning!


Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

I agree, I'm on strike. I love family photo, you look like youstepped off of a movie set! Very pretty :)

Cheryl said...

Beautiful family & photos! Congrats on being featured on MLN!

TV's Take said...

Such beautiful photos! Thanks for stopping by TVs Take -gotta love mama hen!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love your B/W and color images for different reasons. I love the timelessness of the black and white, but your color images are so vibrant. Looks like a great time.

Ewa said...

These are lovely photos, I can't choose which one I prefer better black and white or color ones, they are both great!

Julie said...

Gorgeous pictures Wanda!

I can't believe the summer is already coming to an end ... wah!

I hope we get together for MNO soon!!



Ellie said...

Beautiful!! Love seeing both the color and b&w! My kidsa re already back in school so too late for a strike (we were ready for school to start!) Enjoy your last few weeks before school starts!

Wanda said...


Me too! We need a MNO. Let's make that happen soon!
Hugs back.

EB said...

Beautiful photos! Love the light in all of them.

Erika B

Briana's Mom said...

My girl is back at school already - sniff. But it is still hot outside, so it definitely still feels like summer!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos! You make me want to be on vacation! :D

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

Beautiful set of shots ~ love the B&W's! Have fun with your 'project' of old photos!

Karli said...

Wanda, these are FABULOUS shots! :-) Maybe it's because everyone in them is so beautiful! Just gorgeous.

Lisa said...

Please add my name to that petition!! I send my best girl off to Second Grade TOMORROW!!! What???

So we spent the day with friends at the pool and felt a bit sad to come home.....but finding this peek at your Summer bliss helps me remember that summer isn't ending..we will just need to cram in a bit more in the afternoons and weekends!!

I love the family shot ~ something about the way you are leaning on your hubby and D in the water!!

What a gorgeous and scenic spot for such a gorgeous family!!

AND I'm off to see Lisa's newest blessing....WOW!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Wanda!!

We still have a few weeks of summer left does not start until the second week of September, but I will gladly sign that petition:)

It looks like you had a wonderful trip/family reunion......your photos are GORGEOUS....I love the blue water and those fluffy clouds.....and of course your beautiful family! Definitely frameworthy shots..... I hope you are having these printed for your home!!

I was thinking the same thing as Dita....Dahlia looks like a teenager in that photo......WOWZA!!

We are so very excited about Reagan.....I can barely think straight let alone sit still. We are so anxious to have her home! Looks like there is more waiting in our future......



Colleen said...

Yes, I feel my summer has ended before it even began! Our kids are in full swing back to school already!
These pictures are gorgeous! So peaceful and calming. Enjoy your last days of summer!

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

i love your family photo - both in B&W and in color. such a great shot! congrats on your nestwork feature!! i look forward to seeing more of your work. :)

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos and what an awesome story you have! Stopping by from the Nestwork and Mama Hen! So glad she featured you! I'll be back!

Regina said...

Truly a gorgeous scenes and fun vacation!

" Regina "

Our family said...

Oh Wanda we definitely share that dream!!! I love having my girls together with ME! :)

I do ADORE the Fall though and all things 'back to school' except for the actual sending of children back to school!!!! LOL

Wanda, I absolutely adore your pics. Always do... Sounds like a beautiful reunion and cherished time.... So special...


Mama Hen said...

Hey Wanda! These pictures are gorgeaous! I love the family photo both in black and white and color! I also love the picture on an angle! Gorgeous! The blue in the sky is breathtaking! I hope you had a super week my friend!

Mama Hen

Jewels of My Heart said...

What a beautiful family you have. Love all the pics!
Just saw the box you painted for "Dita"... just breathtaking... what talent you have.
God bless you,

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

My babies went back this week. :( My Mikayla started high school and this is the last year in grade school for my Nicolas.

Your photos are stunning!

Woohoo for Lisa...what a long road but look where it took her!

Love and blessings,

Mahmee said...

Your photos are so lovely (probably said that already, I know) That family photo of the four of you on the dock...ho boy. That is precious. Summer...yes, summer...all of the time, please. Take care.