Monday, July 30, 2012

Tuesday.....around the world. "Crazy for bubbles"

Bubbles 026 wm

Absolute, unabashed joy!!!  What is summer without bubbles and lots of them. And when they're huge like these ones......even better.
Bubbles 028place wm
Bubbles 028 wm
Hey....I get more as excited as they do only I have to hold the camera still to catch a few shots. The size of these  bubbles alone were awesome.
Bubbles 067
Bubbles 033 wm

Still lots of summer left on the calendar AND in my girlies. 
Happy last day of July!

Join in or just take a peek at some other happenings this
Tuesday.......around the world.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday.....around the world - "More flowers"

Flowers 014 wm

One very cool thing about having a Florist as a Bestie is I get to pop into her Floral Studio anytime I want and capture some of her beautiful flowers.
Flowers 029 wm
I recently did a shoot of some of her wedding and bridal arrangements (swoon) and I'll share those once she gets them up on her website. (I won't "out" them until she has the chance to....though I'm mighty tempted.....)
Flowers 052 wm
Just look how the middle point of this rose comes to a peek. You could almost miss this because of the captivating color and design of each petal.

I've planted many rose bushes in my garden through the years, and besides just gazing at them or strolling by and breathing in that intoxicating fragrance - what I love most is to take a rose it right up to my nose and breath in very deeply. The petal kind of goes up your nose....but it's so puppy's ears....on the inside. 

It's just one of my little "things".
Flowers 042 wm
Enjoy a little tour around the world now.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday...around the world. "Monkeying around"

Monkeying around 004 wm
With a slightly looser schedule and the kiddos home for the summer....our closets and drawers were calling out to us so loud,  we couldn't ignore it any longer (though we gave it our best shot.....)!

Monkeying around 017 wm
And you know what happens when you start cleaning out, sorting, purging etc? 
You find.....TREASURE!!!
Monkeying around 019 wm
And what could be better than finding mama's old hats and shoes?
Monkeying around 003 wm

Maybe that's where the expression - "hitting the mother lode" comes from.

I seem to recall doing the same as a kid. Opening my mother's old trunks was like finding the jewels of the Nile.

Not much has changed.
Monkeying around 020 wm
(I'm posting these pictures....not for their quality, obviously, but for their joy factor which hits the top for me.)

Enjoy a little trip around the world now.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

Flowers 133-2 wm
I have yet to find a flower  that doesn't absolutely fascinate me.
Flowers 128 wm
What an amazing engineer who designed these beauties I found in a friends backyard. 

Ni Hao Yall

Nikon D300
Lens 28-75mm f/2.8
ISO 320
Flowers 137 wm
Maybe I should rename this post...."Short and sweet Sunday"! 

But sometimes....words are superfluous...don't you think?

Have a great start to the week.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday - BFFs

Flowers 105 wm
(Milana, above, looking pretty in her party dress....chewing her fingernails which is her habit lately. Hmmm....must try and break that.)
It was a week of birthday parties and celebrating good friends here. Dahlia and Milana have the most amazing friendship with Angel and Georgia.
Georgia's 4th b-day 096 wm
(Georgia as she turned 4 this week with her bff - my Milana.)
When my dear friend Helen and I traveled to China together for our first daughters, we never imagined how close our girls would become. They were friends in the same orphanage and have become inseparable ever since. 
They just adore each other!
Flowers 159 wm
(Angel and Dahlia - BFFL's as they like to say. Best friends forever for life.)

So even though our second trip to China brought our two families to different provinces (much to our great disappointment) we never could have anticipated that our second daughters would fall in love with each other so intensely like they have.
Georgia's 4th b-day 100 wm
(Georgia getting smooched by Milana. It's funny, but both my girls are huggers and they hug intensely. We have so many pictures of their hugging and kissing...I need to get them all together in a collage.)

It's really the most amazing bond and attachment that only seems to be growing deeper. We could not have wished for more.
Flowers 107 wm 
(why yes....that is a tattoo on Milana's little arm. They had been playing around with them the day before and I'd washed them off at bath time only to discover, too late, that I'd missed this one. I hate dislike tattoos on kids, especially little girls in pretty white dresses, but...oh least it was a cute little birdie and not a skull. )

Great friends are so important (I can't imagine my life without mine) and we're so very glad our girls have found each other and have become so close.

the long road

It's Friday!! I booked off this week - no shoots, so I thought I would catch up a bit. Ummmm.....NOT!! But I made a dent into the pile of work waiting for me at least and even got a bit of housekeeping done too. Both girls have been home for 2 weeks now so it's harder to get chunks of time alone's summer and our schedule is looser - even got to sleep in a few times. Woohoo!

Happy Week-end !

Friday, July 6, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday - "At the beach"

MAC MAC Summer 2012 167 wm 
MAC MAC Summer 2012 163 wm

......and the livin' is easy!
MAC MAC Summer 2012 173 wm

Fish are not jumping........but the girl's definately were when we finally got to the beach over the week-end.

Our few days away to a lake with very good friends and their kids was the highlight of Dahlia and Milana's year last year. It's practically all they talked about.

MAC MAC Summer 2012 176 wm
And it looks like this will be another family tradition. 

I have more pictures of our little excursion to post and share......but for now, I hope everyone had a great Canada Day celebration and a happy 4th of July.

the long road

(And anything else you might be celebrating.)